Is A Handheld Xbox Player Coming?

"GigaOm on why Microsoft may be attracted to the company other than for its consumer attributes. He said: "The deal's big sticker price is intriguing - leading me to believe that Microsoft wants to pull an Xbox on its mobile phone business.

"Some of their sources got back to them today with the same message. With Nokia's N-Gage making a comeback and Sony PSPs developing a following, Microsoft was looking for a handheld gaming competitor for its Xbox brand. Also, as GigaOm mentioned, Danger's server approach would let Microsoft compete effectively with Google's Android system. Microsoft didn't rule the possibility out, explaining in the release: "Combining these services with Microsoft's connected entertainment and experiences technologies, including MSN, Xbox, Zune, Windows Live and Windows Mobile, will provide Microsoft with the tools to accelerate its work to create industry-leading entertainment and communication experiences for consumers." writes Tricia Duryee.

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wageslave3870d ago

MSN Live + Zune + Xbox + Xbox LIVE + Danger == Epic Win.

I hope this is what they are doing. Oh, and if the thing played my Xbox LIVE Arcade titles right out of the box.

Thanks, I'll take two.

sonarus3870d ago

I certainly wouldn't mind assuming its not overheating all over the place. I honestly think msoft can do an excellent job with a hand held device though.

Ri0tSquad3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Danger + better service then t-mobile = a start

Sprint would be nice. Let Microsoft Integrate some Xbox Live features into the Sidekick and let it be free to Xbox Live gold members and I'll be more then glad to pay for gold. Of course the application for the SK would probaly be free but I couldn't imagine the price.

3870d ago
ktkh3870d ago

The prospect of a new competitor in the handheld market is interesting.

But due to all the minor issues in the 360... my first impression when hearing about the portable version is

"... oh my..a portable ring of death."

PR0F3TA3870d ago

HAHAHAH.... He said Zune = Epic Win

HAHAHAHAHA... oh yeah... EVERYONE loves the Zune HAHAHAHA

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Rhezin3870d ago

who love handhelds. Don't think M$ can pull this off.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

...With FREE Fire Extinguisher!!! ;-D

FLOPbox 3603870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

LOL I hope so. I want to see it fail. All Microsft prodects are hated and flop.

Zune + Vista + 6th place(in worldwide sales's going to get much worse hahahaha)FLOPbox 180 + HD DVDud + RROD + Xbox 1= Microsft always fails.

kewlkat0073870d ago

something is a brewing...

I feel like MS's entertainment division is slowly creeping up. The 360 is doing way better, and the Zune is doing alright, yet not a big threat to apple but same as windows and apple os, it can exist. As long as there is market-share.

Lekumkee3870d ago

Is setting itself up for an epic, epic fail. Vista anyone???

Doppy3870d ago

I agree there's barely enough room for 3 consoles, so why crowd the handheld's with another one. They would end up losing a huge chuck of money in the beginning in the hopes that it will sell later on down the road. And with Nintendo and Sony already having a dedicated fanbase in the handheld market, it would be an incredibly tough battle for Microsoft to try and take enough market share from them.

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