Nintendo Download for September 12, 2013 (North America)

Zelda II comes to the Virtual Console on Wii U while Tecmo Bowl comes to the Nintendo 3DS, just in time for football season.

Toki Tori 2+, amongst other eShop games, is on sale for a limited time.

Also, The Wonderful 101 will be available on September 15 on the Wii U eShop.

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guitarded771500d ago

I was hoping for something better for virtual console (Wii U) this week. I hated Zelda 2.

Benjaminkno1500d ago

I'm guessing that it was too difficult for you.

Benjaminkno1500d ago

Zelda 2 is the game that made me love the Zelda franchise. I'm glad they put it up. It definitely requires more skill. Definitely my favorite game of all time, with MegaMan 3 at a close 2nd.

They still need more games for VC.

robparko1500d ago

I have fond, yet frustrating, memories of Zelda II from way back. I used to rent the game more because I preferred the sidescrolling style. However, I absolutely stunk the place up everytime I played. I still think Nintendo should either revisit this style for a future Zelda game, or remake Zelda II for the eShop.

BosSSyndrome1500d ago

Frickin love Zelda 2, even better than the original. I dont understand the hate it gets.