New PS Vita LCD screen 'not inferior to OLED', insists Sony

House: "LCD panel can now realise an image quality as high as that of the OLED"

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nick3091468d ago

The difference is minor

Vitalogy1468d ago

I guess we'll have to wait until it launches to see some good comparisons.

LOGICWINS1468d ago

Doubt Sony would make that statement if they couldnt back it up.

rpd1231468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Really? You doubt that a massive corporation would make a statement they couldn't back up? Companies, yes even Sony, lie.

LOGICWINS1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Never said Sony can't lie, I just question why they would lie about this when they know there will be dozens of comparison vids by the end of the year that will attempt to verify their story.

If the LCD screen was TRULY inferior, then there would be damage control statement from Sony reiterating that the Vita 2000 is a "casual device meant for casual gamers".

NewMonday1468d ago

just because the old screen was OLED doesn't make it better than LCD in every category and generation.

I think the original IS better but not by a noticeable margin, those who want it better get them while they can. the early Vita adopters get to have the better screen.

PrimeGrime1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )


Well said, tired of people assuming this LCD is crap or that Sony would actually put a screen in the new Vita that looks significantly worse than the current one.

They chose this new screen for a reason because whether you crazy OLED fanatics want to accept that, LCD's are competing with these screens now.

I won't say the OLED doesn't look great either but I am not stupid enough to think LCD's are still using the same basic technology they have been since back in the days. That is even more illogical if you think that.

darthv721468d ago

Id like to know about the sensitivity and especially the scratch resistance.

Would it use the gorilla glass that most smartphones use to prevent being scratched????

snitch_puck1468d ago

I still believe the OLED is superior by a margin. TV with OLED is 5 times more expensive than one's with LCD screen and, truly, OLED is sharper and games such as Dragon's Crown or Muramasa looks much much beautiful compared to playing it on the TV. But if I were a guy still planning to buy this i guess cheaper LCD version, I wouldn't worry too much. Atleast i get to have a Vita and play its games.

PrimeGrime1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I love how everyone is assuming it's that much cheaper. Did you even read all of this article, on top of the added fact you can't just completely compare Japanese prices and assume it will cost the same in other places just based on conversions.

If it cost $200 in NA are people still going to act like it is worse even if its priced the same as the OLED? No one knows how much it costs other than in Japan. About the only argument I see many making is LCD is cheaper, so its worse which is not the case or even makes sense.

Just because something might be cheaper to make doesn't automatically make it worse by default, just makes its cheaper to make.

I could throw many real world examples out there if you would like of many cheaper priced products that perform just the same as higher priced ones or better.

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3-4-51468d ago

Are the back "grips" different on the 2.0 ?

Xof1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

That's what I've always heard. But it is fun to see Sony backtracking on this, as the OLED screen being "superior" to LED was one of the (only) major selling points for the Vita when it launched.

The big different I'd always heard was the burn-in was less likely to occur on an OLED screen. But I'm not sure how much of an issue that is. I've been using screens of all types since the days of MS-DOS, and owned dozens of portable consoles and LCD monitors, and I don't think I've ever seen burn-in in my entire life.

At least on stuff I own/use.

EDIT: And the other thing I hear about is brightness... but I always keep my Vita at between 0% and 60%, anyway, so....

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byeGollum1468d ago

We will be getting one, will we not , smeagol? Yes y-yes we will. .

wicked1468d ago

I have no problem going to LCD, but they should have upped the screen rez, 960 x 544 is lower than my phone, should be at least been 720p

kwyjibo1468d ago

That would make it more expensive, not cheaper.

Soldierone1468d ago

The screen is so small, they don't need to do that. Cell phones saying "720P" are full of it. I mean come on, its cell phone companies. They throw in all kinds of useless stuff just to say their phone is better than last months phone.

HighResHero1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I thought the res was fine and the oled more than made up for it. There other aspects that make a great screen and we will see if they made the right choice moving to LCD technology. At the end of the day I will probably own both. Unless of course the oled version is vastly suprerior then I will buy another oled model.

wishingW3L1468d ago

it didn't take long for the damage control to start but we are not idiots... Or at least I'd like to think that most people aren't.

HighResHero1468d ago

Most people are gullible, sorry. But I think we should give them a chance to prove that they made the right decision. They've done pretty much exactly what some of us were predicting. Their decisions have been mostly practical/reasonable.

PsychOff1468d ago

You seem to be, cause you seem to be dead set on proving LCD's can't look just as good when its been proving time and time again they can actually look better than OLED now.

Take the iPhone 5 for example, it has one of the best looking screens anyone has seen and guess what type of screen it is? LCD.

Stop trying to justify something that doesn't really matter to you. If you care that much about it simply keep your OLED Vita, stop trying to degrade the progress made with LCD's though because they have come a long way compared to the ones you are thinking of.

qzp1468d ago

People people if it bothers you, go buy one with an OLED.

LOGICWINS1468d ago

I feel there are people out there that want the LCD screen to be bad to further justify their decision to buy a Vita early on.

buynit1468d ago

Whats wrong with that... it feels good for once to not feel ripped off cause those pics I seen yesterday looked bad not horrible but bad..

I love how they have a variety of colors now though, its about damn time

Th4Freak1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

@buynit It's been one year and a half since I bought my PSV and I've never felt ripped, I think I paid a fair price, if you don't, you should have wait for price drops or buy a used unit.

And just fyi the LCD screen looks great, , just like @LOGICWINS said people is only bitching at it for no reason

buynit1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

You sony fanatics are a fucking dedicated bunch! When the hell did I say I felt ripped off? I said Im glad I DONT feel ripped off for once for buying early..

God you idiots are quick to go on a damn rampage!

The only thing u got me on is being selfish in wanting my original vita to still be the better choice.. and the pics I seen yesterday looked really yellow so its not bitching over nothing if the pic quality isnt the same.

But I couldnt care less cause all I liked was the colors and thats no big deal cause I can custom paint mine when ever I want.

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