Age of Conan: Nipples, Religion, and Fanboy Arguments (Interview)

When Ripten's Jonathan Zungre got the chance to ask Jorgen Tharaldsen, the man in charge of the massive Age of Conan MMO (massively massive), he went straight to the heart of importance: sex, God, and why it was developed for the Xbox 360 and not the PS3.

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Twizlex3567d ago

I like nipples... and violence. This game is for me!

computer3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

...but after playing the demo on the PS3, my reaction was, "There is no way I will EVER pay $60 for something like this. "

Edit: Sorry for the confusion, I was talking about the other Conan demo that was out on the PS store a while ago.

Towers3567d ago

Are you talking about a different Conan game computer?
This one isn't out on PS3 so I highly doubt there would be a demo on PSN lol

Nevers3566d ago

to be amazing... I've been checking out the screenshots for a while now and they're pretty epic. This MMO is the main reason I know I'll eventually have to lay down the $$$ for that damnable 120gig HDD.

brothersimon3567d ago

Hmm only reason it would sell is for the tits.

jiinn3567d ago

This game looks great. Im probably going to try it on a rent first, but it does look very good.

NegativeCreepWA3567d ago

no, your wrong. epic pvp will sell this game. maybe you should learn more about a game befor posting about it.

Z F1GHT3RS3566d ago

how many players is this going to be. by the meaning MMORPG. this means many players right?

NegativeCreepWA3567d ago

who cares about the boobs. massive pvp sieges, drunken brawls in the pubs and, chopping off other players limbs and heads. oh and unlike other mmos its not turn-based. those are my reasons for wanting this game. to bad its still along ways off for 360.

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