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PlayStation Europe boss on PS4, rescuing Vita and Sony's relationship with EA

Mcvuk: There’s something quite refreshing about the executives at Sony.

They haven’t had their personalities media trained out of them. They will give you a straight answer (most of the time). They do appear nervous on stage in front of thousands of journalists. They are more than happy to mock their rivals.

As a result, PlayStation has managed to charm an industry over the last eight months. And this may be a reason why the press has warmed so much to Sony – why the likes of Edge and GamesTM have tipped PS4 to beat Xbox One, even before a console has been sold.

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Community1415d ago
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ZHZ901415d ago

"In fact, the only platform you could play Battlefield 4 at Gamescom was on PS4. Try and find that on Xbox One"
They were using High End PC!

UltimateMaster1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

They were using an high end PC at the E3 press conference.

Neither consoles are out yet, so we'll have to wait and see.

vigilante_man1415d ago

Last time around Microsoft were the lead console with 360. This was the right console to lead gaming at the time. Sony have had to up their game with online PS+ and services. Sony also had to work very hard with exclusives.

Result of 360 being the lead console last time:
* Sony ended up with amazing exclusive franchises.
* Sony ended up with the best value subscription in history of gaming: PS+

This next gen it is PS4 and Sony being the leading console and Microsoft will have to sort themselves out. Just look at what was about to happen when Microsoft thought the XB1 would be the lead console this next gen (pre-180s):
* DRM & always online.
* Lack of indie support.
* TV and social media and casual market focus

So it is right for gaming and gamers that Sony are the lead console so far this next gen. You do actually feel that Sony listen to gamers, developers, publishers, etc. Over to you for the future gen, Microsoft!

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Thehyph1415d ago

I think Sony's public and press relations were planned as long as the PS4 hardware itself. They continually knock it out of the park whenever they go on record.

Belking1415d ago

Sony has a bad relationship with EA and Rockstar. That's why Agent hasn't sen the light of day yet.

SniperControl1415d ago

Thats why PS3 is lead platform on GTA 5.


1bub troll.

5h4h4b1415d ago

Haha belking got owned ;)

ziggurcat1415d ago

... and L.A. noire... and likely max payne 3 as well...

kayoss1415d ago

Dont worry Belking
According to preorder numbers of PS4 I think EA will come crawling back.

MasterCornholio1415d ago

Yeah they have a terrible relationship with Rockstar which is why they showed off the PS3 version of GTAV first.

"Just to clarify for those asking, this particular video was captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game."

CGI-Quality1415d ago

Just stop talking - oh look, you have no choice. ;)

OT: I'm sure even with the partnership, Sony and EA will be just fine.

ziggurcat1415d ago

you do understand that R* is known for their really long development cycles, right?

just keep trolling, and see what happens...

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GirlOnFire1415d ago

Sony set to rule the world! I don't mind. ^~^ PS4 day 1 no sticker included thanks!

HarryMasonHerpderp1415d ago

"The quality of online experience is becoming increasingly important. We feel we've learned a lot in that area, because we were frankly poor in the beginning"

Sony have certainly come a long way since 2006.
He gives some very honest answers and I think this is a great interview.

deadie1415d ago

I agree - a very good interview and some very honest answers.