Gamedaily: Lost in Blue 3 Review - The only thing Lost here is opportunity to do anything remotely fun

Gamedaily writes: "Lost In Blue 3 is the latest "what if we were stuck on a desert island" simulation for Nintendo DS from Konami, the third in the past two years. Unfortunately, it has two flaws working against it. First and most importantly, it fails to offer lots of new content from what we've seen in the previous two games. Secondly, what it does offer completely frustrates, taking micromanagement to new lows. As a result, you're likely to lose your temper, patience and worst of all, interest.

In the game, you find yourself on a deserted island shortly following the questionable sinking of a cruise ship. Konami had a terrific opportunity to do something different here, to go with an alternate "solve the mystery" storyline instead of focusing on the basics of survival. Sadly, that ship has sailed, leaving us to do most of the same boring stuff we've done in the past two games."

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