PS4 still has 'triple-A exclusives' in development, Sony responds to lack of new Uncharted

PSU writes:

"Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) chief Jim Ryan has responded to the lack of a new Uncharted announcement, confirming PlayStation 4 still has a number of "triple-A exclusives" in development."

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PCGamingNoobs1534d ago

its could be anything. we know they have multiple AAA games in development, theirs 2 teams at ND there media molecule santa monica have so called still got something hidden.

maybe some of these are just building new engines though to be fair. all will come clear, we have plenty to be getting on with like GTA and plenty launch titles

cleft51534d ago

Sony is really on point, very excited for the PS4 era to begin.

Freak of Nature1534d ago

Where I hope and would bet on seeing something special as always from Naughty dog..

DatNJDom811534d ago

I can't believe people are even questioning this. Hasn't the PlayStation brand delivered on IPs? Let them learn the system, create the necessary development tools,then sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Those fruits are always delicious.

mewhy321534d ago

The PS4 is going to dominate this gen. Of that there's no doubt. The bone will be in second but the PS4 is going to run away with this gen.

MonkeyNinja1534d ago

@ ZHZ90

Last I heard, Dec 14. But may have changed since then. Either way, it's always in Dec.

gaffyh1534d ago

@Dat - Yup, for three generation straight.


VGA is by december, Sony will have at least one more conference before PS4 even launches (at BGS, October 25 if I remember correctly).

Godmars2901534d ago

Still have TGS. The presentation last week was just a Sony-only pretension.

And while anything else they show will likely be Japan only, they still could have a few general surprises. Still have The Last Guardian lurking about.

nukeitall1534d ago

I will be more excited when the games release. We know what happened to Last Guardian whom was unveiled almost half a decade ago, and the Agent.

Neither game is released and nothing practically heard from them for ages.

mistertwoturbo1534d ago

Yeah it's Sony, they have a ton of studios. Who's crazy enough to think they aren't making more exclusives?

Oh wait, those One guys.

SilentNegotiator1534d ago

Naughty Dog changes it up with a new amazing IP every generation. Give Uncharted a rest.

Kevin ButIer1533d ago

Nice to see how good is doing Sony even without their big guns...

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Freak of Nature1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

In fact SSM has two new IP's I believe. Cory Barlog's new IP and Stig Asmussen's team on yet another....

*GG* has a new IP too. *The order* is another...

I am still counting on and hoping for **The Last guardian**.

Of course **Media Molecule** has one, and **Naughty Dog** with two. And I am always confident in what Sony will bring in for the future new exclusive IP wise...

R_aVe_N1534d ago

The Division is not made by Sony and is Multiplatform so you really can't count that game. QD is working on a PS4 game as well you can never leave David Cage out. I have no doubt there are more than a few AAA games being made right now from numerous studios.

HiddenMission1534d ago


...uh Freak of Nature didn't mention The Division...that was left field and we all know it's a multiplat title.

Godoftheweek1534d ago

Whatever these games are, there is no question in my mind these AAA genes will not disappoint. Sony has nearly 2 decades of gaming awesomeness under their belts, and for the 1st time they have an easy system to develop for.

They will imo stagger AAA game announcements to keep interest of the PS4 at its peak.

Patience my friends, Sony has and will deliver.

Thehyph1534d ago

Whilst I agree with your comment, I do have to point out that this isn't really the first time that PlayStation will be easy to develop for. Ps3 was just the bad one from the development standpoint.
Ps1 and ps2 openly embraced third party games. Sony became successful in this market because they did a better job at it than Nintendo and Sega.

It's great that it's a good development platform again. That's more important nowadays with the rise of indie games.
Hopefully, there will be a chance to bring some lower budget game studios back. I don't like how the console market seems to be AAA or indie with a mostly empty space in between.
You know, all of those ps1 or ps2 games at your local rental shop that mostly went unnoticed? There were some gems in there, and I hope they can name a return someday.

BlackTar1871534d ago


Its not true PS2 was easy to develop for. I know the internet was young but it was common thing to hear people complain abotu how difficult it was to develop for and had a huge learning curve. Back then though people had to learn it and those saying eventually went the way of the dinosaur because it was that or nothing. The ps3 didn't get that same thing due to how easy it was to develop for on xbox for most devs.

Godoftheweek1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


Correct. I remember back at my days managing Funcolands, where the launch and early PS2 games were mocked for looking no better and in some cases worse than Dreamcast games. I remember Tekken "jag" Tournament, or "Ridged" Racer. The common theme back then was that the PS2 was hard to come to grips with in my conversations with developers at the fall conferences that I attended.

Cerny even stated that "time to triangle" for the PS1 was about 3 months, PS2 3 to 6 months and PS3 6 to 12 months. The time to triangle for the PS4 is 1 month. This IMO is a HUGE advantage for Playstation. Not only will the system have legs with new ways to get more power out of it, but as I said in my earlier post, they will be free to spend their time making a great game with their imaginations and not having to waste so much time digging through so much dirt to get to the power of the system.

IMO, the PS4 will be the 1st console to sell 200M systems.

Dark_king1534d ago

@Godoftheweek yea the EE Chip was not easy to work with. Since ps2 had the user base devs had to figure it out. It was complex but was able to do some impressive things if you took the time to learn it.Similar to the Cell Processor in that area.However the PS3 didn't have the massive market share to force devs to have to learn to pull out its full power,well near it anyway.

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paul-p19881534d ago

Tell that to the millions, including myself, who have pre-ordered it, and the other millions who will buy it without pre-ordering it...

theBAWSE1534d ago

Errr he just did??

for me it's a day one purchase

ZHZ901534d ago

I am sure games will be announced at TGS and VGA.

Maddens Raiders1534d ago


Spot on and well said. +1

Rimfro1534d ago

Sony is the new Nintendo. They sell their systems based on what you might get in the future, but you're gonna have to wait. They delay their games just as much as Nintendo does. They use their first party titles to string you along, spreading them out in a way that makes you feel like there is always that one title to look forward to. They generally release their consoles priced a little on the high side, again like Nintendo. (I've got to say, they hit it out of the park with the ps4 pricing, this gen. That alone made the WiiU irrelevant without a price cut, and forced Microsoft to try and sell every feature but gaming to try and explain the $100 price difference.)

I would also say, pretty much every Sony console launch has been weak on the games front, and I don't see this one being much different. Killzone is not THAT great. The new one does look much improved, but the game has a kind of boring style and pace, and the gameplay is average, and to some painfully slow, especially compared to the best in the genre, but they have been just as gorgeous graphically. If it wasn't for third-party devs releasing some awesome looking multi-plats, a lot of potential buyers would be sitting on the fence. I know for a fact that a lot of people who planned on buying both day one, are still debating whether Killzone alone is worth a day one purchase.

Having said all of that, Killzone was enough justification for me pre-ordering it the day the started pre-orders, but I don't need much of a push to buy the newest, "greatest" thing. Sony has kind of replaced Nintendo for me as that "special" company that delivers that special, unexplainable, magic something that makes you giddy when playing their first-party games. Just don't pull a Nintendo and make us think that E3 is going to show us what your machine is really capable of, then show us leftovers from the 3DS, or previous gen.

hellzsupernova1533d ago

Shu has said all studios working on games

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GarrusVakarian1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

There are plenty of 1st party devs that haven't even teased anything yet. Can't wait to see what they have cookin. Then we will see which console has the strongest exclusives.

pyramidshead1534d ago

Staggering the AAA games is definitely the smarter choice I feel. Keeps a PS4 user interested throughout the years to come because technically they could drip feed stuff via the many video game conferences throughout a long period to build up massive hype. I mean that's already worked for The Order, I am GAGGING for some gameplay and all they've shown is an in engine trailer and some technical development aspects.

Launch line up is a good blend of pretty much everything and it shows by people pre-ordering the PS4 like crazed animals!

KingKelloggTheWH1534d ago

I just really want an Action Rpg.
Please Sony?

RiPPn1534d ago

Dark Cloud 3 please?!?

GotEnder1534d ago

yes dark cloud 3 please. the creator of the dark cloud games said if their was enough interest he would possibly make another. we need to find his twitter account and start posting #makeDc3.

Chevalier1534d ago

Dark Cloud 3 by Level 5 or how about Legend of Dragoon 2?

kayoss1534d ago

Im going to continue to beat a dead horse and ask for Final fantasy 7 Remake Exclusive to the PS4 (because we all know FF7 was originally on the PSone). This would be the biggest announcement of the century for gaming.

T21534d ago

@kayoss - upvote for ninernation. seriously though when will square admit that ff7 was the pinnacle of their popularity and just make a proper sequel? could include the original game remastered in 1080p and then add on to it....

Drenchk1011534d ago

Guys... The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.... CANNOT wait to get my hands on that game after playing the second one.

BlackTar1871534d ago

Can't wait for Witcher 3.

MAULxx1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Hear hear!
I'm getting it for sure.

zlpw0ker1534d ago

ye,well I just want H&S games,I got almost like 50 H&S games on ps3,and its the only genre I play almost.What is the reason why I should get the ps4????
For god sakes,what could I possible need with the 1001 shooter game on console?

the ps4 better produce some hack n slash games in the future to add the diversity and potential customer.

T21534d ago

there will obviously be a sweet god of war, diablo, other fantasy rpgs, witcher looks good, i think you will be covered.

BlackTar1871534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I want Dark Souls 2 and Deep Down (or whatever its called)

I can;t wait for KH3.

Fallout is my most anticipated game along with MGS5 and KH3.

I would give anything for a True 100% original Tenchu.

Could also got for a Well Done Kings Field

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GryestOfBluSkies1534d ago

im not worried about the lack of announced titles. i would absolutely love to see them, but playstation has an amazing history of exclusive titles. thats why i put my faith in ps4 for now and in the future

GarrusVakarian1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Exactly, we don't have to worry about IF we are going to get awesome exclusives, we KNOW we are, even if they aren't announced yet. It makes me laugh when MS fanboys say "XBOX HAS BETTER EXCLUSIVES", they are so quick to forget Sony's history of dedication to 1st party exclusives and somehow think this gen will be any different.

matgrowcott1534d ago

The worry for me, the same with the Wii U, has never been that those exclusives won't be made, but when they'll be released. As a day one buyer, I don't want to be spoon fed information about the games I want to play for 12 months before I get them, especially when the only other things available are cross-gen titles I could have played without a PS4 anyway.

Their focus on indies for the February-August slog is a little worrying, not because those games won't be worth playing, but because it might mean there's nothing else, specifically exclusives, that'll be worth picking up in that time frame.

DragonKnight1534d ago

@matgrowcott: I believe inFamous: Second Son is out in February.

matgrowcott1534d ago


You're right. It is. Is that enough to stop you being concerned about that chunk of time between February and the end of August?

Out of interest, the people disagreeing with me, did any of you have Vitas or Wii Us? Having been through this twice - decent launch window, nothing after - I'm wondering if maybe people are looking at it from different perspectives.

thehitman1534d ago

mat You are not seriously putting the Wii in the same category as Playstation??? Also vita is a handheld it has a niche market and doesnt have the same amount of developers working on it that the consoles have. If you had any wisdom on the matter you would see you are comparing apples w/ oranges. Also Vita does in fact have games, many games people choose to be selective in what they play which is their own fault.

-EvoAnubis-1534d ago

@matgrowcott: I see where you're coming from. To me, that's the way it is the first year of any new console. I remember year one of the PS3 I was mostly playing Oblivion, Warhawk, Rainbow Six: Vegas, SSDHD, and then finally Uncharted just after the first full year.

There really wasn't that much to play at first. The PS4 is already looking to be in a better position than they were last generation. If I could get through the PS3's Year One, doing the same for the PS4 won't be an issue.

matgrowcott1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


Why wouldn't I compare two previous launches to an upcoming launch, especially when every suggestion is that the trend will continue. If that wasn't going to be the case, why would Sony have revealed a ton of indies for next year and only very few AAA titles?

"Also Vita does in fact have games, many games people choose to be selective in what they play which is their own fault."

I never said the Vita didn't have games. It has some great things to play, I spend an awful lot of time on it. The Wii U has some great games as well.

They still don't come along often enough and there still aren't enough announced titles for either.


The problem this time around comes from cross-gen titles. If all you want to play is Black Flag and Watch Dogs, what incentive do you have to upgrade? Nicer visuals and some better processes. Is that enough to warrant a relatively large purchase?

Unless you really love Infamous/Killzone/Fable/Forza, you don't actually NEED to upgrade. For an overwhelming percentage of launch titles, you can play the same games as if you did anyway.

It'll be really interesting to see how that changes things this time around.

thehitman1534d ago


Maybe Sony are revealing tons of Indie titles, because they are Indies and usually dont have large marketing budgets and dont receive lots of attention. Sony is showing they are committed to new games, IPs and development. They are trying to set them apart from the competition in every way they can. If you cant see that much than you are a lost cause really in reasoning. Sony is still releasing 3 AAA titles on PS3! this year and PS4 is releasing and you are worried about Sony not releasing more information about whats in the works.

If you dont feel like a ps4 or even a xb1 is worth upgrading to right now thats your own opinion. I like to always be an early adopter to new technology I bought a PS3 near launch never regretted it once. I have over 50 PS3 games and my first year I was playing Res:fom, nba 2k, madden, UC, Heavonly Sword, CoD4, Tekken that was enough to tie me over. Again if you dont feel like whats been announced so far is enough dont upgrade not going to stop me and many others on enjoying a new experience. I have a well earned faith in the PS brand.

matgrowcott1534d ago


Yes. We all know that big companies do things out of the goodness of their hearts all the time, and that a company like Sony would love to take focus away from their own developed games and instead focus on titles that they have very little to do with.

Your bias is showing.

"Again if you dont feel like whats been announced so far is enough dont upgrade not going to stop me and many others on enjoying a new experience. I have a well earned faith in the PS brand."

How old are you? It's like reading something from Ask.FM.

I've pre-ordered a PS4 based on the OS and PS+ offerings alone. I'm also getting an Xbox One and have a high-end PC, so I'm pretty much covered. If there's a lull for one, the others will easily make up for that.

You do know that you can point out faults or concerns about something without actively wanting it to fail or even while quite liking it, right?

Repeating "I trust Sony" over and over, doesn't change my concern. If you bought a PS3 at launch, you too will know that exclusives - quality exclusives at that - were few and far between, as Evo pointed out, and that it was supported by third party titles for quite a while.

This time around things are more difficult, because those third party titles are also available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Do you see why that might be a problem? Do you see why cross-gen games will never live up to the potential of next-gen consoles?

Can you see why no announced games for a huge chunk of the opening year of next-gen might just be an issue?

This isn't a PS issue either. The One is looking to be going the same way.

bjmartynhak1534d ago

If I'm not mistaken, Sony has stated that they plan to announce games when they are closer to be released.

With the PR stunt at E3, they didn't feel the need to reveal more games. Even if a AAA game is far from being ready, it would easy to do an Uncharted 4 CGI teaser. They opted to avoid it. They are dosing the hype levels better, keeping us always looking for more and avoiding things like Agent and TLG.

Just this week we found that Yakuza is going to be released in February (though not going to be localized) and that Deep Down is very advanced (more than I expected, playable at TGS).

So, expect Infamous for February and Deep Down Q2 and some VGA announcement for Q2/3

Add some "AAA-indie" titles, like Rime and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and we are all set! =)

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Wizziokid1534d ago

Yeah people try and bash sony and the PS4 for the lack of title's but we know the big names like ND have a game or two in the works so I don't see the argument.

Sure I want to see the next ND game but The launch window alone is going to offer me plenty of entertainment until they reveal something.

CocoWolfie1534d ago

good to know, just please dont rush it! :')