Kotaku: Hands On With BioWare's Sonic Chronicles (and Sonic's Sh***y Friends)

Kotaku writes: "Sega had an early-and we want to stress that "early"-version of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood playable at last week's Nintendo Media Summit. The Sonic role-playing game from BioWare applies the developer's well polished formula-branching plotline and dialogue trees, epic story, deep turn-based battle engine-to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. It's very charming; charming enough to make one think "Oh yeah, Sonic was charming at one point." The brief glimpses of witty banter and cute character designs are a welcome change in the face of 3D Sonic platforming.

Yes, the game was still in its infancy, but we got a decent glimpse at the gameplay mechanics that should make Sonic Chronicles another BioWare hit.

The game is almost entirely stylus controlled, with Sonic (or whomever you're playing) following touchscreen taps and drags. Context sensitive pop-up actions will appear at certain points, letting the player enter doors, sprint through corkscrews or cross gaps. Some are character or ability specific, requiring the use of a flying Rouge the Bat, for example."

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RecSpec3895d ago

Paper Sonic, just do that sega.

It has the perfect set up, you don't even need to make up any allies, he has about 20 or so side characters.

misterssippi3895d ago

Bioware making a Sonic game? Thats like EA making a Super Mario game.