Pachter: Wii Fit Launch To Cause New Hardware Demand Boom?

Ahead of Nintendo's 2008 Q4 report, expected April 24th, Wedbush Morgan analyst has said he expects sales to reach 359 billion yen ($3.59 billion), and adds that the forthcoming U.S. May launch of Wii Fit could "cause a new boom in demand for the Wii."

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Lucreto3811d ago

Will be interesting to see. At €100 for Wii fit it might hold back new customers who don't have a Wii but people with a Wii might be most interested.

I have an article saying the average Wii fit users will be the 30-60 age group.

wiizy3811d ago

like i always said if nintendo market wiifit right in u.s and europe . wii fit will sell the most in 08 , more then grand theft auto, if marketed right like to the community homes for elderly's , rehab centers and then the general public.