Loot Ninja: New Store Impressions

Loot Ninja writes: "Sony released firmware v2.30 this morning, bringing the new PlayStation Store to everyone in the world. We also get DTS-HD audio support, which is nice.

I spent a good deal of time playing around with the new PlayStation Store and, I must say, I'm very impressed. The store loads up quick and is very snappy. The new layout works great and things are very easy to find. I like the way Sony laid out the categories and sub-categories for the downloads. You get audio feedback for all movement and button presses, which is a nice addition.

I'm surprised they left the exit confirmation in the store. When you're at the Store Top and hit the Circle button, you're asked if you really want to exit the PlayStation Store. Just let me back out if I want to. It's not that hard to go back in if you made a mistake."

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CViper3896d ago

The more and more I keep reading these reviews, I'm waiting for somone to slip up and score it.