Watch Dogs game has got another edition and trailer to it

Watch Dogs game has got new collector's pack and the video to it yesterday. Thus, Watch Dogs collector's edition is titled DedSec and contains a lot of interesting things.

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1nsomniac1680d ago

I would have a go at Ubisoft for shovelling out a load of extra pointless crap at an extortionate price but I wont as it's only the fault of the kind of people that buy this crap..

Augmented reality cards..Really!?

If you got given that pack for free you would bin everything but the game, but because you have to pay for it people think it's special.

pandehz1680d ago

Umm what a load of crap.

Well to each their own, atleast Ubi are offering it. Sadly some poor sod is gonna pick it up.

aLucidMind1679d ago

I want the steelbook but thats all that interests me there.