Jsticks11, Infamous GTA V Leaker, Gets Account Banned

Jsticks11 has been posting quite a bit of footage of Grand Theft Auto V through Vine. Problem was that the admins found his Xbox Gamertag.

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mafiahajeri1322d ago

Oh snap. That sucks for him...

AvidGamerrrr1322d ago

Haha yeah. Interested to see what happens since he continues to upload to Vine, despite him being banned over Xbox Live.

I don't know the law at all, is further consequence possible?

mafiahajeri1322d ago

Highly doubt anything else will happen.

psych1322d ago

Indeed, now he can't play GTA V: Online in a few weeks. If only he had waited until launch day to upload the videos.

mafiahajeri1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

He'll hav to make a new account and buy a live account I guess, he must have thought of that surely? Maybe they banned his dummy account? I'm not familiar with live and banning do they lock the whole console or are you able to great a sub account?

psych1322d ago


I hadn't thought of that.

I think they only ban the account for stuff like this and the console for stuff like modding. If it was his main and he had time on gold, it is gone now.

bsquwhere1322d ago

They ban the console you use as well I believe

GarrusVakarian1322d ago

I have to admit, i cracked and watched the gameplay on Youtube.

Now i feel dirty, but even more hyped.

mafiahajeri1322d ago

My will is stronger than yours!! ;D

GarrusVakarian1322d ago

But i have seen it in all of its off screen 480p glory!!!

mafiahajeri1322d ago

Guess that's ok then :P it'll make the game look all the more better :P

Lykon1322d ago

I looked and feel dirty too :/ I really liked what I saw . We could shower together and then pray afterwards .

OhhWerd1322d ago

Haha brought it on himself, I do not feel bad for him at all.

And his whole console is banned, so if he wants to play he has to buy a new console and a new account.

xHoii1322d ago

Couldn't help it..
I watched about 5 mins of the leaked footage, so beaware there are stuff a lot of people will regard as spoilers.. but what I could tell you is that there was something amazingggg about the world we haven't seen in a GTA game before.

Scarface71322d ago

you can still watch the videos here

warning, SPOILERS!!

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