Xbox Live DLC: Have we let it go too far?

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"As you may remember, we kind of were successful in organizing a boycott against Battlefield: Bad Company and Electronic Arts because of a pretty stupid and downright greedy DLC tactic. However, has it become a case of too little too late?

I'm all for getting a free picture of Jack Black in a lucha-libre outfit and I'm happy that the community gamerpics are free, though I'm sure Microsoft would have loved to charge for them. The question is: With all of the awesome content that's up there ranging from maps for crappy games to gamerpics featuring Master Chief, have we as gamers let this nickel and dime DLC go too far?"

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romaink3813d ago

it seems like many people don't have an issue with it, but I am one of those gamers who think that this extra stuff should be all inclusive to the xbox live fee. I love COD 4 but I refuse to buy that map pack for $10. The price of the game is now at $70 and climbing. I wouldn't mind if these map packs came with extra missions but as they are, I think I'll spend that extra cash on fuel.

Lord Vader3813d ago

I like DLC that adds a sort of expansion like Mass Effect did, but paying for maps or weapons is ridiculous.

I've bought alot of EA games in the past, but no more. No more DLC or EA games for me, it's becoming the principle of the thing...

Ureval3813d ago

I dont agree with this. Maps add to the experience of the game, and it costs developers money to make them. While the pricing may be arguable, I dont think its unacceptable that they ask for money.

However themes and gamer pics dont add to the gaming experience and i definately think charging for these is gouging. At the very least they cost way too much.

sonarus3813d ago

Somethings you have to charge for and i really have no problem with msoft charging for anything because i know i just won't buy what i don't want. But one thing that ticks me off is charging for gamer pics. Thats just sad

Superiorrior3813d ago

Paying $10 for a company that just literally made more money then they know what to do with is reaching.

gamesR4fun3813d ago

the best course of action, we can do as gamers, is to speak with our wallets

Lord Anubis3813d ago

I tried but they don't respond back. :P

dan-boy3813d ago

have to be created, and people want their wages at the end of the month! they don't come free! and rightly should be paid for! but other stuff? paricularly ea stuff?? well that's upto the individual!

but for me, imo, driving games that require you to complete them in order to un-lock cars to use on-line, should have a buy the lot option!! it would be up to me if i wanted to pay for them, i earn good money, and i can't be bothered to go through say forza to get to level 50. and if could buy everything off of the marketplace for £10, and save myself 20+hours, then i would! most times i only play on-line with my pals, and having the option for me would be a good thing!

but that's just my opinion! even though some people will claim it's a rip-off(which some things are), at the end of the day it's upto the individual what they buy!

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PS360PCROCKS3813d ago

Yeah but for every sensible person their is two idiots gobbling it up. It's only getting bigger

permutated3813d ago

DLC has always been an awful idea, though I must admit I'm fine with buying Map Packs and games like Ikaruga or Rez, though I'll never buy things like planes for Ace Combat or guns like Bad Company.

What's more unfortunate is that some gamers are happy to pay for anything, and what we're seeing is a saturation of under-produced games, with priced DLC coming out less than a week after release (Ace Combat).

Say no to DLC.

FordGTGuy3813d ago

Just because some guys are ruining the experience doesn't mean the entire experience is ruined. DLC is the way of the future and i'm all for it. You cannot tell me that gaming would be as good or as big as it is now w/o DLC.

thor3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

In my opinion DLC should be exclusively for expansion packs to games. I'm alright with those; they're something that the dev has built a long while after the game was released in order to extend its lifespan. But even things like map packs I'm not so sure. Most of the "new" maps that are released are actually still just re-hashed levels from the single player campaign most of the time. And it adds substantially to the price.

It's a common business tactic, though, and I don't see why it would change now. I mean, restaurants wouldn't make so much on a meal if they didn't charge extortionate ammounts for drinks, Microsoft wouldn't be able to sell 360s for so little if they didn't charge for online, car insurance companies wouldn't make so much if they didn't start charging you more after you claim.

On the other hand, I welcome it for games like singstar and guitar hero. I can see that it's not really possible to license all the songs for immediate use and then you can pick and choose your own library of songs.

kewlkat0073813d ago

Having/creating xtra "free" stuff through Mods is even a better Idea.

Downloading a whole Extra mission and episodic content, is no biggie.

Paying for little sh^t like some mentioned, like a plane, Extra cars in games, no Fn way.

If you are enhancing the game in a big way that was not part of the retail package then I have no problems with it.(Well everyone's got a price, and so do I)

I'm not paying for little sh^t, especially with outrages pricing scheme. I don't like the XBL pricing of things as it is. Never will. Themes and sh^t cost too much , when the PS3 can download free user generated themes.

Then again is it MS or the Developers? when it comes to the games....People are confused, who's at fault here.

BulletToothtony3813d ago

who is the one charging or getting paid for DLC?? i'm pretty sure they both get some dough out of it.

Mostly the dev but i'm sure microsoft gets some type of percentage.

gogators3813d ago

or planes, but new multiplayer boards, music tracks, or racing tracks I am all for. If the price is agreeable then I'll buy, if it's not then I don't buy. It's my choice to buy any extra content.

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