Yoshida: indie titles to fill the gap between bigger releases on PlayStation 4

Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, explains how indie games fit perfectly into their strategy for PS4 lineup.

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Imp0ssibl31649d ago

I love Sony's approach regarding indie devs, I really hope Microsoft and Nintendo learn something from them.

Alexious1649d ago

Agreed, they have certainly earned a lot of trust from the development community. The PS4 lineup for its first couple of years will be enormous.

Muerte24941649d ago

Well all of them planning on heavily supporting the indie scene this time around. microsoft had some policies that made it a little harder to bring indie titles to their platform without some kind of deal being made. Luckily, they loosen the rope a little. But yeah, all the companies are supporting the scene a lot more this generation compared to the previous one.

Neonridr1649d ago

Pretty sure Nintendo is doing a great job on their own with Indie Developers. Since they don't have the strength of several major 3rd party devs, they have no choice but to rake in as many indie developers as they can. So I think Nintendo doesn't need any lessons on that one. However, it's great that Sony is planning on embracing the indie scene as well. I think Microsoft is going to be the odd man out this time.

byeGollum1649d ago

that's a good idea actually.. enjoy indie stuff while waiting for big releases. Sometimes indie games are more fun than huge budget games. That's the funny thin' ^_^

MasterCornholio1649d ago

We all hate those droughts.

Right Nintendo?

byeGollum1649d ago

that goes for all three companies. .

MasterCornholio1649d ago

I know but Nintendo is a recent example with the Wii U.

Ohlmay1649d ago ShowReplies(5)
MRMagoo1231649d ago

Sony know exactly what gamers want it seems :)

Redgehammer1649d ago

Not me, I prefer big budget movies, and games over indie films and games. Sony is not my friend; however, I am happy it is some of yours. So a more true statement would be Sony knows what some gamers want, but you don't speak for me.

LordNikon1649d ago

Yet, the PS4 has all those. So what's the problem?

MysticStrummer1649d ago

You imply that Sony is just going to stop bringing the AAA exclusives altogether, when you should know that's completely false.

Humans always seem reluctant to learn from the past for some reason.

Just like the last three generations, PS will be the platform with the best quality and variety. That includes AAA as well as indies.

MRMagoo1231649d ago

My point was not indie games, its the fact that they are filling any gaps that may occur between big budget games with indies so ps4 owners will have games to play all the time, I may not speak for everyone but what gamer doesnt want games? If you dont want games get an xbone im sure they will dry out in 2 to 3 years like the last 2 gens hmmm.

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