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Can Bethesda Make Fallout 4 The Best Game Of The Next Generation?

Fallout 3 stands as one of the greatest games of the generation and Bethesda one of its leading developers. Fallout 4 is the most anticipated game that hasn't been announced. If it was real, could it be even better than 3? (Bethesda Softworks, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

leahcim  +   300d ago
yes they can.
raWfodog  +   300d ago
Hopefully they can get the PS4 version of the game right since they had so much trouble with PS3 versions of their games.
YNWA96  +   300d ago
It is already the best game of next gen! :)
Blacktric  +   300d ago
Can't wait to see how many new ways Bethesda will come up to rape the already established lore of Interplay AND their own games. I mean, they were pretty successful regarding that with Fallout 3 and Mothership Zeta.
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Mr Tretton  +   300d ago
I don't think a whole lot of people give 2 shits about Fallout's 'established lore'. It's a reboot of the series, a series that not a lot people played as far as the originals.
Blacktric  +   300d ago
"It's a reboot of the series"

No. It really, really is not.

From Wikia wiki;

"Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic computer and console role-playing game that has been developed and published by Bethesda Softworks as a sequel to Interplay's Fallout and Fallout 2."

And you really don't have to have too much information to realize that it's a direct sequel since there are many references to the events that took place in first two games along with some returning characters like Harold. Recently released Tomb Raider game is a reboot. F3 is not. It's a funny thing that you're willing to go as far as to claim it being a reboot as an excuse for subpar writing though.
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Mainsqueeze  +   300d ago
Sounds like someone is a butthurt interplay fan.
Xof  +   300d ago
*shrug* It happens. It happens every time a story goes from writer A to writer B. And it's not like Fallout 3 did a complete 180 on all of the principal themes of the original setting, as was the case with Mass Effect 3.


@Mr Tretton: actually, among fans (i.e. the non-casuals) the lore of the Fallout games and Elder Scrolls games is one of the absolutely biggest attractions. It's easily in the top three, next to customization and exploration.
Blacktric  +   300d ago
"And it's not like Fallout 3 did a complete 180 on all of the principal themes of the original setting."

I think some would consider "Aliens were the ones who fired nukes of America and China against each other" a complete 180.
XboxFun  +   300d ago
Absolutely! The fallout games are some of the best games I have played for the current consoles. Loved 3 and New Vegas.

Might I suggest setting the new fallout on the west coast, preferably San Francisco.
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NewVegasTroop  +   300d ago
do you know of the existence of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2? because those take place in California a.k.a the west coast. and its not Fallout "Las Vegas" it's New Vegas :D
XboxFun  +   300d ago
No, I have never played the originals but people have told me those are really good. And some even prefer those over the consoles.

And what are you talking about, I put New Vegas....

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Gster  +   300d ago
Nah man, it's comin to Dublin, up the Dubs! :p
mewhy32  +   300d ago
The fallout games are awesome, that's for sure. However, to try and guess if a developer can make the best game of a generation this early would be unwise. Can they make a fantastic game, absolutely. Will they do their level best? Absolutely.
angry_gods  +   293d ago
Don't ever make opinions on a game when you only played the newest ones........
-Foxtrot  +   300d ago
It will be an amazing game but best game of next gen...no

I still can't believe they won GOTY with Skyrim, Studio of the Year at the VGAs and even Skyrim won Game of the generation on Amazon going head to head with the Last of Us
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LucasEVille  +   300d ago
The comment about The Division and the car door made me smile.... That car door is the most famous on N4G. The seemlessness of the action is so beautiful.

Anyway! Back on subject! I came into Fallout late with starting with New Vegas and I love that game. Not sure if that made me bias but when I tried to play backwards to Fallout 3 it just didn't hit me the same way.
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NewVegasTroop  +   300d ago
I hope Obsidian is given another Fallout game, they make the best stories, but a Bethesda Fallout is also great! Fallout 4 is my most anticipated next gen game, even if there is no news of its existence.
Bathyj  +   300d ago
Might be a bit soon to call best game of next gen. What do you think?
raWfodog  +   300d ago
Surprised the article didn't say best game of all time...
admiralvic  +   300d ago
Of course, but I don't see the point of the question. Logically any developer that currently exists or will come to exist in the next 5+ years can in theory make the best game of the generation.
T2  +   300d ago
fallout is unique and a very well developed game... some bugs and glitches (bethesda) but some are funny and make great youtube vids, some are terrible, like when your companion just decides to walk off the nearest bridge because they find your company so intolerable. Half the time you don't know you just see *your follower died*...LOL
But the post-apocolyptic harsh wasteland with overtones of humour and grand scale make it a unique franchise...
I do think they need to get with the times and add online co-op... I mean it's only logical to play with your friends nowadays....
And I do know many people complain about this type of thing so I stress that it could be *optional co-op*... but think of the trolling vids alone on youtube.... invite a friend, he comes into your world, sets the atomic bomb to explode, you go about your business and BOOM, no more town.... LOL.
HeyImBen11  +   300d ago
What a stupid question, wow.
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R_aVe_N  +   300d ago
I prefer the older gameplay style of the first 2 honestly. Fallout 3 and New Vegas where both good, but it lost its charm of what the game was back in the day. The thing that really brings them down is the bug ridden mess that they both where. It is like Bethesda puts 0 effort into Q/A in their games its really sad. I highly doubt that Fallout 4 would even be close to what will be considered Game of The Year in the next gen. Will it be memorable? Yes, most likely.
Mr_Danski  +   300d ago
If done right, without question.

Maybe not of the generation, but the first couple years maybe, yes.
qzp  +   300d ago
I love fallout but that old engine needs to go. Fallout in a next gen engine would be beautiful.
Xof  +   300d ago
Not gonna happen. We're going to see Gamebryo for the first few Beth. games on PS4/XB3 for certain. Remember, the Gamebryo engine can actually do quite a lot--just look at the huge amount of detail that was in Oblivion, that was later removed from Fallout, New Vegas and Skyrim due to hardware limitations.

Hell, I'll even give you an example: chains.

In oblivion, every link in a chain is fully modeled in 3D. Each link in the chain has physics applied to it.

In Skryim, however, a chain consists of two flat rectangular plains at opposing angles to create the allusion of a 3D chain from the distance... which is the same way Nintendo rendered the chains on the drawbridge outside of Hyrule Town in the Ocarina of Time.
TheOtherSide  +   300d ago
Can Bethesda WHAT?? of course they can!!

But will every one like it? of cource not, but I WILL :)
Xof  +   300d ago
Bethesda can't make anything "Game of the Year." Bethesda + an army of modders can come pretty damn close, though.

Really wish they'd stick with TES, though. They do a lot better in a fantasy setting than in a sci-fi setting. I'd suggest they toss the Fallout franchise to Obsidian, but they've already moved on to bigger and better things....
Saryk  +   300d ago
I love the Fallout series. Got a friend to buy the whole collection recently!
angry_gods  +   293d ago
No, Bethesda can't make a fallout game worth shit. Fallout 3 was a train wreck, the story was terrible, there was no quests longer than 1 minute, no relevance to lore, the DLC were terribly done and glitchy, and did not tie into the story like in New Vegas.

They care mostly on the little kids hipped up on monster that never played a previous fallout game.

They don't bother on fixing the glitches or actually making a fallout game. They can make a good game, but the shittiest FALLOUT game I have seen.

Maybe if they started caring about the fans, then yes, maybe if they made a non glitchy game, then yes, maybe if they had relevance to the lore and had a great story with emotion and tie ins, then yes. Maybe if they made a great FALLOUT GAME, then yes.

But with how much care they showed on fallout 3, no, I don't have any trust in them.
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