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Can Bioware Recapture The Magic With Mass Effect 4?

The Mass Effect trilogy is among the most successful and beloved in gaming history. With the move to next gen hardware, what should our expectations be? (BioWare, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 4, Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

colt-of-tipton  +   805d ago
My favourite games of the generation and the thought of what they could do on next gen platforms is amazing. But what they must do is keep that galaxy map music just too good.
cleft5  +   805d ago
I think they can capture the magic back. Short of the ending, Mass Effect 3 did a lot of great stuff.
-Foxtrot  +   805d ago
Not really, it kind of stripped the series of things which made the first one so great and give it this "accessible" vibe

In my opinion the series went backwards instead of forwards
ForgivenZombie  +   801d ago
Yeah ME3 endings really screwed up the whole thing, all previous choices really didn't matter in the end. A real let down
DOMination-  +   805d ago
They never lost the magic.

Hope they keep that music too.
Blacklash93  +   805d ago
I hope so.
AceBlazer13  +   805d ago
Better customization option would be nice.
XboxFun  +   805d ago
MA 1 was amazing, MA 2 was fantastic never before did a sequel make me want more but then MA 3 came out and it was just okay.

It's almost like the original Star Wars trilogy here. Good, excellent and meh.
bothebo  +   805d ago
I thought the 3rd one was great until the end where it just fell apart
Megaton  +   805d ago
I prefer 1 to 2, and I played 2 first so it's not based on nostalgia goggles. 3 had some excellent moments, but failed in a lot of ways, too. A lot of your actions seemed pointless, amounting to nothing but numbers on a database in your ship.
coolbeans  +   805d ago
There's something about 1 that'll always make it my favorite, warts and all.

C'mon...I think most would categorize Star Wars (Ep. IV) as more than "good."
Summons75  +   805d ago
Doubtful, they are doing an awful job trying to win back fans with DA3. Only heard one positive thing about the game. Face it, Bioware is better off in our memories when they had talent and weren't power hungry.
Dan_scruggs  +   805d ago
Since you have only heard one positive thing about Dragon Age 3 I thought I would share some links to other major sites with positive opinions of the game so far. It's hard to say they are doing an awful job considering most major publications have had plenty of great things to say about it.



Summons75  +   805d ago
Yeah but hardly any fan I've seen isnt impressed. Media had a Bioware boner for ME3 and that was dreadful. Bioware promises the world but then does the opposite. They've done it for two games and will keep doing it. Media personnel are paid to say good things, it's their job and they don't want to lose privileges to private demos and interviews.

One good thing was the fourth race. Choices porting over and effecting the world....didn't happen with DA2 or mME2/3( very minor unimportant choices). The open world is just trying to ride the tailcoats of elder scrolls and they said straight out they are trying to beat the Witcher 3. Multiplayer has been confirmed when they said it will be in all their future games, plus ea doesn't ship single player games. Only see one positive so far. Can it be surprising, sure I love DAo and world love for an experience like that again. Will it happen, look at biowares's promises and how well they keep them...doubtful.
-Foxtrot  +   805d ago
I just hope it goes to back to cool down weapons, the thermal clip thing was terrible and made it seem too much like an every day third person shooter with tiny RPG elements when it should of been the other way round like the first ME. Not too mention cool down weapons make you think when your in combat and makes you reply on your team mates which also makes you choose them wisely with ones that fit your play style. ME2/ME3 didn't have that
Megaplaynate  +   805d ago
That's one of the things I liked most about ME1, cool down weapons, the best weapons didn't overheat at all with mods.
-Foxtrot  +   805d ago
I know and it made your levelling worth it because the more you played and more you spent time on the game the better weapons you got. It really made you use cover effectively at the start of the game when you had crap weapons

Plus another thing is that I loved how they set specific weapons to classes like Vanguards could only use pistols and shotguns for example but in ME3 you could use everything. I wouldn't mind if later on in the game you have the option to unlock one more weapon set of your choice but I liked how it made you choose more wisely when it came to stuff like it showed you how your decisions were important.

Thinking about it ME3 basically stripped the series of all it's small strategy elements which I kind of hate.
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DOMination-  +   805d ago
Cover in me1 was a load of shite. Agree with the guns though.
chrissx  +   805d ago
Well its gonna be next gen so graphix wud be better obviously,but if they can add deeper customization,dialogues and not make it a prequel to the last trilogy,I think they can get their mojo going
Kratos0289  +   805d ago
ME3 was such a disappointment and it wasn't just the ending
Kal853  +   805d ago
We'll see if they learned their lesson from ME 3 and Dragon Age II when Inquisition comes out. If not, I'm done with them. I'm tired of being disappointed.
CODallday  +   805d ago
Mass effect 2 was my favorite. ME3 was great as well. i didn't like 1 because of the shooting but it was still good.
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Software_Lover  +   805d ago
Mass effect one was the best RPG out of the three. I loved the planet exploration.
Software_Lover  +   805d ago
I personally think they should've left mass effect alone and just started a new franchise.

If they are gonna continue mass effect then it needs to be with all new characters and a different story line.
Roccetarius  +   805d ago
Mass Effect 1 was a great game, but then they streamlined it with both 2 and 3. The choices you made were inevitably invalid, and Bioware stuck to their own choices in 3.

The horse has been beaten to death already, but their failure was not all on the ending alone.
Arturo84  +   805d ago
hopefully they decide to split the MP from the SP ME3 is the only one I haven't gotten around to finish because of lack of interest and the mp was one of the better MP experiences since of the free dlc which I hope will continue but I doubt, pretty much anybody could jump on and not worry of being left back for not buying something before they started playing
medman  +   804d ago
I'm really hoping ME4 is not a prequel, but I'll be buying it day one regardless. What I would love to see is a ME set some time after the events of the latest battle with the Reapers in which you play as a galactic explorer, searching out the far reaches of the Milky Way uncovering new threats from races of beings not yet seen anywhere in the galaxy. Or, perhaps an intergalactic war between the inhabitants of the Milky Way and our closest galactic neighbor, Andromeda? That would be cool too.
TheGoddessIsis  +   800d ago
I'm pretty well up for anything that they can come up with for the next ME game just so long as there is a way to know what happened to Shepard (provided you lived). I just want closure for my Shepard, to know that she went off and had kids or something like that, but outside that I'm interested to see what BioWare can come up with :)

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