PES 2014 Teams List

FIFPlay: The full list of licensed national teams and clubs in PES 2014.

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Angerfist1552d ago

There Are way More Nationalteams, which is Nice. But i have to Play The demo First to make a final judgement 😊

3-4-51551d ago

The less teams the better.

More for me to create with.

chrissx1552d ago

And this is why fifa will always have an edge over pes. Arsenal=north london? Lol,I wonder if it will still be d same on next gen. Konami needs to step up

blackstrr4111552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Its ea's fault. Everything bad about pes is on EA. Hopefully the gameplay and visuals is miles ahead of fifa

Baka-akaB1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

It's the Fifa organization and clubs that needs to step up . Kill exclusive deals and license to any dev that wanna do a football game .

As for the rest , most pes players knows by now how easy it is to fix the licensing issues with custom patches . You copy a list of saves from a downloaded patch and there you go , you've got names and things fixed .

Of course that's too much work for the mainstream public , but there is no other choice . And at least that way PES get its missing teams . When one is missing in Fifa (wich happens every year), unless on pc , you can't do anything about it

blackstrr4111552d ago

Hey sorryy. I play on xbox360 n still don't know how to use the custom patches. Does it work on factory xbox360. Not chipped or flashed or anything

Baka-akaB1551d ago

Yeah forgot about the 360 . No luck then

asmith23061552d ago

No wonder you have one bubble. All you have to do is download the community options file (which has been available on release day every year) and voila... all correct names, jerseys, etc.

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blackstrr4111552d ago

Is dortmund there? I can't see bvb. Only Bayern Munich, Leverkusen and Schalke

Angerfist1552d ago

No Dortmund, exclusive Deal with Fifa i think, just like Liverpool and a few others.

jamz41552d ago

EA own the full licence - there's not much they can do about it.

mafiahajeri1552d ago

They aren't lisceensd not all of them!! But kuwait!!? Yes!!!!!!!! I just hope they get our jersey colour right this time, it's obviously not green!!!!!! xD

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