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Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Gets Leaked on Videos: Driving, Gunfights and Mating Dogs (SPOILERS)

There's less than a week to go for the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and people are obviously getting their hands on copies of the game. One of them didn’t have any qualms in taking videos of the gameplay and posting it online. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update Don't worry about the spoiler tag, it was put just as a scruple, there aren't any big spoilers, if any at all.

Removed embeds as they were taken down. Some are still up, so visit the playlist on the source site to view them.

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TrevorPhillips  +   442d ago
I've seen the gameplay and I can assure you the game looks spectacular both graphics and gameplay!
Abriael  +   442d ago
Shakycam will be shakycam :D
SanMarco  +   442d ago
NukaCola  +   442d ago
I wish this damn articles wouldn't reveal sh*t in the title and then say "spoiler" like they're doing us a favor.
Autodidactdystopia  +   442d ago
Don't know if this is true but it looks like they completely removed the Euphoria physics engine from gta v

meaning no more realistic falling animations or grabbing the door handle as you drive away.
or flying out the windshield to flop to your death, all of that was based in the euphoria physics engine.

I also think they completely removed the car damage model that made crashing In iv so fun.

don't know about you but that makes me kinda sad :(
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mewhy32  +   441d ago
Well the mating dogs thing is a little disturbing LOL.
booni3  +   442d ago
I won't spoil it for myself! :D
showtimefolks  +   442d ago
just pre ordered it, can't wait only few more days to go
Orionsangel  +   442d ago
@Autodidactdystopia I hope so. I hate the GTAIV engine. I want GTAV to have nothing to do with it. It's sluggish and outdated.
JamieL  +   441d ago
LOL you don't even know what he was talking about. The Euphoria engine was just for physics. It gave everyone in the game a central nervous system which made them react to the world around them on the fly. It is still by FAR one of the most amazing things this gen as far as I'm concerned, but you call it "sluggish and outdated" and it doesn't even have anything to do with that. Also if it’s so outdated what works better than that now? Good job at making yourself look like a complete tool though.
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Orionsangel  +   441d ago
@JamieL LA Noire was far more impressive at doing that and you know it. Euphoria engine is outdated.
JamieL  +   441d ago
LOL, are you talking about facial animation? I am talking about how if you walk up and shoot someone in the leg they will act like you shot them in the leg, and grab it and drag it around, stuff like that. That's what Euphoria did. It had NOTHING to do with the "look" of the game, and I wish they would use it in every game, because it's awesome.
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Orionsangel  +   440d ago
Have you played GTAIV lately, Jamie? It's not that great. It looks outdated. I hope GTAV had a major overhaul and uses nothing from a 2008 game :P
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   441d ago
Imagine it on PC with ENB and ICE ENHANCER! OMG!!!!
FlameHawk  +   442d ago
OMG this is literally the longest week ever!
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BlingBlaine  +   442d ago
The interwebs are melting.
ab5olut10n  +   442d ago
Looks fantastic
Gardenia  +   442d ago
2 things:

- The beach, not a lot of people :(
- Snow :)
A2X_  +   441d ago
Don't wanna watch any videos but did u actually see snow?
Jeff257  +   442d ago
Well I watched the driving one and flipped through the other one some. The driving looks much tighter than GTA IV. Definitely looks more like something you would see in a straight up racing game.
T2  +   442d ago
I saw some of the tv commercials in the game ... Hilarious as usual
Murad  +   441d ago
Your post offends me.
camel_toad  +   442d ago
Stay away from the light! NEXT WEEK!
HeyImBen11  +   442d ago
Where are does guys again that said the real game will look like crap? Hahahaha. Can't wait!!!
skydragoonity  +   442d ago
GTAV as good as this i wonder how GTAVI will be!!
badboy776  +   442d ago
Angels3785  +   442d ago
With the quality of these vids Id say it was played on a NES lol jk, but even through the TERRIBLE quality videos it look fantastic.....
Edi007  +   442d ago
i will buy it next week but i will start it when i finish with saint row 4 100% i take 2 or 3 day break after i start gta 5 maybe is my last game in this gen maybe beyond to soul i m not sure about that
camel_toad  +   442d ago
Saints Row IV was decent fun but by the time I finished it it became very apparent that it was a glorified dlc and not a true sequel.

Every single side mission was just someone pointing you to a series of mini missions that were already on the map - and if you had already done the mini missions(s) like people tend to do in sandbox games then you instantly passed the side mission.

I'll get a lot of hate for this but Saints Row will always be the poor man's GTA.
mikegeezy69  +   442d ago
no hate here i completely agree
saints row 4 was cool and all to play to pass the time for gta v thats all

people will be saying saints row what? when gta v drops
however alot of peopple will be saying that about alot of games lol
NarooN  +   442d ago
Saints Row 4 was a disappointment for sure, but I wouldn't say Saints Row is the poor man's GTA for the simple fact that both of them are polar opposites of each other. The only Saints Row that was even truly a GTA close was the first one. After that, Saints Row was just Saints Row.
snipab8t  +   442d ago
The last true Saints Row game was SR2. Saints 3 & 4 felt like they were trying too hard if you ask me.
TheFamous1  +   441d ago
Not even a poor mans GTA, because they are the same price - it's just not worth the purchase at all. Saints Row is a rental.
Edi007  +   441d ago
Yes thats tru saint row 4 was originaly a dlc enter to dominatrix but good for having fun every day after work or school .
Discod99  +   442d ago
I also agree. Saints Row isn't even near the same level as GTA.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   441d ago
Udont compare that bullcrap with GTA
TrevorPhillips  +   442d ago
OMG 4 days and 8 hours left :D
GameReviewGuy  +   442d ago
At :49 seconds in, it looks like Franklin tries to headbutt the cop lol.
SaffronCurse  +   442d ago
Not watching Not watching Not watching Not watching Not watching Not watching Not watching Not watching Not watching

This is torture.
-EvoAnubis-  +   442d ago
Don't worry; there are no real spoilers in any of them. I couldn't help myself and watched them.
TrevorPhillips  +   442d ago
How crazy does the game looks ay!
-EvoAnubis-  +   442d ago
Well Trevor, you know how shaky cam footage is. It looks like shit! Still I had to see it; these four days are hard to sit though.
kingmushroom  +   442d ago
must not see!!!
erick21093  +   442d ago

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M-M  +   442d ago
Rockstar has made a next gen gaming experience on current gen, I'm done.
ZBlacktt  +   442d ago
LOL.... I take it you haven't seen a next gen game in person. Did you watch those GTAV videos? Next gen is a million times better looking then that. But GTA is a trolling good time game. Not about the graphics. So I wouldn't even bring Next gen anything up in this subject.
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ion666  +   442d ago
gta is as close to next gen until we get our new ps4's. so stop marshing up M-M 's high NARC .
ZBlacktt  +   442d ago
I forget most here have not even seen a next gen game. Sorry about that. But yeah. I've played GTA since it was born. So I'm all in like normal. But next gen.... not..even..close. But it's all good. :)
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blue_flowers  +   442d ago
what the hell are you talking about. guaranteed gta v has more features and is a more expansive and ambitious game than anything at launch on the ps4 or xbox one. and if your talking about graphics being what makes a game impressive, then your rather thick eh.
ZBlacktt  +   442d ago
blue_flowers, Sorry, did I rustle some jimmies? You are aware that AC4 BF has a bigger map?. On Next Gen it will literally crush anything ever put on the PS3. Trust me, I know, I've seen it, I've played it and I've learned enough about it. So while GTAV is cool and fun and we will all enjoy it. It's not going to even be close and that is not a dig to get you rustled some more. Just that we are moving into a console 10 times more powerful the our current system.

Also AC4 is 100+ hours long as well. As for features, we'll again given it's 100+ hours you'll have just as much stuff to do. I'd say look it up as it's to much to sit here and type out. The game runs real time ocean/water simulator, real time environment, all the trees, bushes, sails on the ships all have moving real time physics. Real time weather cycles, just on and on extreme details. Given the videos I've seen leaked of GTAV, my first thought was ok lets just wait to see it live before passing judge. Because it certainly doesn't look mind blowing from the off screen taping. Trust me, we you see Next gen games, your going to be smiling from ear to ear.

GTAV is the prefect game at a time when people need something epic to help pass the time for Next Gen to get here. So it's all good and lets enjoy the game until then. :D
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   442d ago
I think most people aren't talking about it looking next gen from a graphical perspective, more to do with the ambition, scope, amount of things to do, detail. Those sort of things.
Angrymorgan  +   441d ago
Nice..cant wait for acbf :-)
Murad  +   441d ago
Bad Sora, don't you know that trolling is bad.
masa2009  +   442d ago
Mmm, the controls look perilously close to GTA4, the way the guy turns clumsily, and the default walk that will force to hold a button all the time to walk at a decent clip...
ZBlacktt  +   442d ago
Yep, that is what I was seeing as well. Everyone else sees it also. But, they don't want to say. There's a lot of hype riding on this since GTAIV was a huge bust.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   442d ago
What? It looks much better than GTA4, look when Michael turns to walk up his stairs, it looks nothing like GTA4. Same with Franklin after he jumps out of the car and turns to face the police, he turns sharply, if that was Niko he would have leaned almost 180 degrees doing that turn lol.

Sigh, some people like to nitpick.
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ion666  +   442d ago
There will always be those cynical bastards out there who just can"t enjoy anything in life.Those dudes can't stand to see ppl excited for the best series in video game history. gta FTW.
georgenancy  +   442d ago
yes there's snow
wls1012  +   442d ago
you sons a bitches yall beat me to it
Angels3785  +   442d ago
I like how catching any sort of anything gameplay related before the GTA games release is like the spotting of bigfoot xD
sKiiTs8  +   442d ago
Car physics look very bouncy. He just bounced off of the wall :O
I suppose it'll make it less frustrating when crashing.
Can't wait!
ufo8mycat  +   442d ago
LOL @ mating dogs hahaha
Faztkiller  +   442d ago
didn't see any car damage if there is non I'll be very disappointed one of the best things about GTA 4 was the damage physics
laijka  +   442d ago
Yeah my thoughts too. The amount of damage that car took seemed very small considering the speed and all.
uncharted56  +   442d ago
I think Franklins driving ability prevents from car damage or at least lessens it or something. Not sure though.
FogLight  +   442d ago
That's it, I am done

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Lykon  +   442d ago
omg there's you know what in it ... you know weather .
retrofly  +   442d ago
drsfinest72  +   442d ago
theres so many leaks vine videos 5 seconds long go check em out at neogaf

georgenancy  +   442d ago
man this game is looking tooooooooo awesome i mean wtf?how is this possible on current gen?
JohnS1313  +   442d ago
How about putting this junk on a spoilers page so we don't have to see anything about it N4G? Don't help people spoil the games.
Abriael  +   442d ago
Pr maybe don't click on an headline that clearly says (SPOILERS)
JohnS1313  +   441d ago
You sure are dumb. We need to get people like you banned from N4G I guess. No more submitting for you. Your headline is retarded. If you want to just put spoiler on it fine but you put a lot more. You need to go to school and learn how to write a spoiler free headline for this crap.
NukaCola  +   442d ago
Don't put anything in the headline that reveals anything at all then.
Lykon  +   441d ago
You do have a point john , but aren't you being a bit hard on him? I don't like to see anyone's feelings hurt over a game. He hasn't even replied to the last comment I hope he's ok. (or her btw) N4G can be a harsh place sometimes with insults and anger. Can't we all just love each other x
Angerfist  +   442d ago
Not gonna watch any of it, just 4 days. Bought Resident Evil Revelations for The Time being.
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