Motorstorm Dev Comments on Motorstorm 2 Trailer - 'Jungle Was About 73million Polys'

A developer who worked on the Motorstorm 2 debut trailer has commented on the tech which was used to make the game in a forum post along with some hi-res pictures of the game and more.

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decapitator3745d ago

One thing is certain, the trailer was using a lot of polygons but my question is, will the final version be something like that or even better ?

I am asking becaus I know what they were aiming for in the first game and they came pretty damn close in some areas and exceeded in some areas. Hope they hit their target this time.

fenderputty3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

it was no where near the CGI targets though. This trailer reminded me of the opening sequence in the original game. I do think they nailed the target in the physics/gameplay department but, the only game to even come close to their CGI graphics target is KZ2.

It think it's odd they use CG too. The game was beautiful as it is. I didn't need some CGI trailer. Honestly, I would rather see some FP action while up in the mix of cars. I still get excited like a little boy every time a car blows up and flips over me. I don't need comments like "Jungle Was About 73million Polys" when it's clear that was CGI we saw those polys on.

Anyone know when they'll show us some gameplay? I can't wait to see the Monster Trucks.

sonarus3745d ago

well they shouldn't hesitate to show off some gameplay anytime

smurfie43745d ago

Would be nice to hear about this tech if the trailer was real-time. I could care less if it was pushing 100million polys if it were cg.

InMyOpinion3744d ago

"All of our shots were rendered in Vray using the sun/sky system and physical cameras for motion blur. The smoke was done using afterburn."

Read the forum post. It's not in-game. Some of you guys act like you haven't learned anything. You are probably still convinced that the E3 trailers for Motorstorm and Killzone 2 were in-game...

kewlkat0073745d ago

I don't care about the ploygons, I just need a fun game with plenty of tracks/cars and and dirty tricks to get ahead.

Where is twisted metal by the way...

Everyone caught up in technicalities and graphics..make a fn sound game.

fenderputty3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

You heard wrong. You should have rented it to give it a shot yourself. While it could of had more replay value had they included a split screen/quick match mode, there was still plenty to begin with. It did have an online component too which helps in that area.

I'm not lying when I say this was the most intense display of driving and physics I've seen in a game. I can't count the amount of times I screamed, "OOOO SH!T ... DID YOU SEE THAT!" Super fun in FPS view. Hell, even though it isn't as accurate, I liked using the motion controls cause it sucked me and even more. Good times indeed. Top 5 games that I want this year for sure. The gameplay was insane man. Every review agreed too. It got knocked for lack of cars, tracks and split screen which will all be in 2.

BTW ... I wish twisted metal would use this engine in their game. I'm picturing a missle hitting Sweet Tooth sending him flying through the air into a building. Yeah ... this engine would be sweet for that game.

Gaara_7243745d ago

of course u didnt get this game its not out yet lol

kewlkat0073745d ago

they don't play the sh^t anymore. I'm not much of a Sim racer person but i look fun driving games.

This game is probably at the bargin bin by now.I've tried it but seems boring after you beat it. Not many tracks either. It looks good but, I'm not all about looks and polygons.

DJ3745d ago

He's been a PS3 hater from day 1. True, Motorstorm doesn't have many tracks, but each track has at least three different routes that you end up using depending on what vehicle(s) each event requires. I've logged a TON of hours on that game, and I still haven't beaten it yet.

It's a lot of fun, and definitely isn't sifting through "Bargain Bins". Everyone I know who's tried it loves it.

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wangdiddy823745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

the first one was freaking awesome and it made my jaw drop plenty of times. One of the best racing games of last year.. Definitely the best off roading game.. Dirt had nothing on motorstorm..

With the extra time and experience these devs had with the ps3 hardware i can honestly say this game will probably look unfuc%ing real..

and there adding in split screen, 4 play split screen at that and all the other features we wanted in the 1st one plus more so this game is going to be good, really freaking good..

Gaara_7243745d ago

theres i thing they need to adjust bad its the load times OMG its so long infact its that long it makes halo lg look like god

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