This Thorough Video Measures GTA V's Scope, But Doesn't Spoil Any Of Its Secrets

GR: "While yes, Grand Theft Auto V's map has been leaked ahead of release, I don't think it's necessarily time to give in to any kind of spoilers."

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Hydrolex1682d ago

yea man, WTF would R* release this game right before college :((((((((((

chrissx1682d ago

This game will take a lot of hours from my life

Murad1682d ago

Dude, if it's as fun as Saints Row 2, I'm down. However, if it's anything like GTA 4, I think I might hurt Niko's cousin if he asked me to go bowling one more time, or to drive him to eat a fat burger.

SniperControl1682d ago

Even though i didnt watch the video, I wish people would stop leaking all things GTA 5 related, i wanna be able to experience the whole thing during gameplay.

RedSoakedSponge1682d ago

it doesnt show any new footage so it safe to look man. its just showing the scale maps put together and zooming in and out.

Lord_Sloth1682d ago

So don't look. Or stay off the net for a week. It isn't that hard.

SniperControl1682d ago

I'll bub you up for being totally helpful.

AiirJordann231682d ago

just don't click on anything related to GTAV and you won't have any worries.

steve30x1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

If his comparison between the GTA IV map and the GTA V map is accurate then the GTA V map is over three times the size of the GTA IV map. Thats bloody huge.

memots1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I don't understand people pre-viewing anything about a game.

Ill check some game-play once in a while but i don't want anything ruined for me.

My nephew was watching videos of Rome 2 almost everyday. He was following some people playing the game and showing some feature ect.. He did that for Months before the game came out and when the game came out he already knew everything about the game, Not sure if i am missing the point but to me the fun would be spoiled.

steve30x1682d ago

This is just a map comparison. There is nothing ruined by looking at the map especially when it doesnt really show much.

memots1682d ago

Cool maybe ill take a look then :)