The new chip that will let an iPod store 500,000 songs

Mobile phones, iPods and other consumer devices may soon be able to hold a hundred times more information than they do at present thanks to a breakthrough in storage technology.

Scientists at IBM say they have developed a new type of digital storage which would enable a device such as an MP3 player to store about half a million songs - or 3,500 films - and cost far less to produce.

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Kakkoii3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

Again... The stupid use of IPOD in titles.. There not the only damn PMP.

Anyways... good breakthrough.. Hopefully it will come to market soon.

Although this story was already posted on here not to long ago, just from a different source.

sonarus3897d ago

lol in the eyes of most they are

computer3897d ago

I can only begin to imagine how this would affect other areas of technology... New PSP's with some crazy amount of storage space...

Adamalicious3897d ago

IBM has stated they don't expect it to come to market for 10 years. It's actually in this article at the very end.

Superiorrior3897d ago


At the rate technology evolves I'm sure a consumer prototype is already in the works.

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Entropy3898d ago

No, but theyre the most popular. You want to catch the most people's attention, then talk about the product most people use.
Nice article, through Moore's law states computer technology advancement doubles every 18 months; not 24.
I'd be curious to know the proposed implementation dates for these chips. "Within ten years" sounds a little long to me if they have a workable prototype at this point; but then again, the article doesnt go into cost-effectiveness for mass production. If theyre projecting 2018; these things must cost a fortune right now.
Still, if this is true, all tech could be using them soon. Time to buy stock in IBM...

kewlkat0073897d ago

we will be carrying little (only)movie devices like Ipods soon.

Just the matter of time..

Then again only hardcore audio folks will have, such a big library, it seems like the average person has under 5,000 tracks. They still do not listen to everything on there.

Hey new tech is always welcomed.

Ri0tSquad3897d ago

Whats the point of an iPod holding 3,500 films? I haven't even watched that many films in my life. Cool but pointless for me.

Adamalicious3897d ago

Isn't that like saying "what's the point of tiny, low-power chips with massive storage"? It's just an example - I don't think they would expect anyone to actually put 3,500 movies on an iPod.

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The story is too old to be commented.