Grand Theft Auto 5 For PC Release Leaked?

To this point, Rockstar Games have only confirmed Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS3 and Xbox 360. However, this photo indicates that a PC version of GTA 5 may very well be on the way and available for pre-order very soon.

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Shadonic1436d ago

Shouldnt this be a rumor ?

vishmarx1436d ago

more like 'SPAM'
theres one like this everyday

thechosenone1435d ago

If this doesn't come to PC I'm screwed since I've already sold my PS3. :'(

HolyDuck1436d ago

I was under the impression Windows was removing "Game For Windows Live" so if they are, this is totally a fake.

0ut1awed1435d ago

This. GFWL is no more, at least not in newer games.

porkChop1435d ago

Yep, it's fake. Rockstar has been using Steam for all their recent PC releases anyway.

joe901435d ago

Which requires you to have GFWL even when bought from steam.

porkChop1435d ago


What are you talking about? That's only for GTA IV. Both LA Noire and Max Payne use Steamworks, not GFWL. Rockstar ditched GFWL years ago.

starchild1435d ago

Yeah, this is probably just a mock up.

I have no doubt that GTA5 will come to the PC though.

Gamer19821435d ago

Doesnt matter if it steam or not GFWL is dead in the water now there will be no more future GFWL games. So this is fake for that reason. No doubt just a placeholder.

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Str8Chaos741435d ago

GFWL won't be shut down until July 2014.

porkChop1435d ago

The service itself, yeah, but no new games will be released using GFWL. Pretty sure that's what HolyDuck was referring to.

Str8Chaos741435d ago

Yeah that's right, and thank god lol.

TXIDarkAvenger1435d ago

So once GFWL shuts down, will there be any other way to play GTA IV online? Not that it matters too much, but I'm just wondering.

Vip3r1435d ago

Steam games have GFWL on their boxart. Doesn't mean they support GFWL.

Metro 2033 has this and it's on steam with no GFWL.

DeadlyFire1435d ago

Photo says Games for Windows. Nowhere do I see games for windows live logo. This is legit.

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InsaneGam3r1435d ago

If there is a pc version I'm sure R* going to annouce it.

clmstr1435d ago

I think everyone should be able to enjoy this game, not only console owners. It's shaping up to be the best open world game of the generation and it would be unfair not to let PC gamers play it.

FogLight1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

First, GFWL is not with us anymore so it is instantly fake.

Second, R* is going to announce the PC version sooner or later so just wait for them to say something, and not depending on any other source for PC version confirmation.

It should come to PC though... GTA games like SA were extremely enjoyable with mods. Oh I still remember the days of CLEO mods :')

1435d ago
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