Fanboy extremists: What in the world is wrong with these people?

There is no accounting for taste. There are billions of individuals, and thus billions of various likes and preferences. This is true even in the world of gaming (on a much smaller scale of course). If we were to pick apart all of the various types of gamer in order to categorize, we'd end up with a decent sized list. But lately there are a few types of gamers who stand out. The Hardcore, the Casual, the Take it or leave it, and the Can't live without it gamers. All of which have markets tailored toward their needs. HD consoles and PSP, the Wii and DS, Mobile phone, and All of the above, respectively.

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Harry1903722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

to love these guys.They are the ones who make or break our day.
But we are all fanboys in our own way.

meepmoopmeep3722d ago

we are one way or another for one thing or another
maybe it's just human nature.

fenderputty3722d ago

Me personally, I'm a fanboy of "Ice Tea without sugar"

Those elitist southern pigs and their sugar need to stay away from my sun tea.

LightningPS33722d ago

But I personally would even inflict bodily harm on someone just because of the console wars.

That's how serious it is.

Fanboys are even more passionate that people realize.

LightningPS33722d ago

Just some people won't admit it. But good thing that most of the fanboysim is limited to the Internet.

JadeTyrant3722d ago

you are not capable of inflicting bodily harm on anybody, you don't have the mindset to live with such an act. How do I know? First off, anyone who could, would not admit to it, and second, if they could, they would not use the internet to do so. Everyone is 10 feet tall and bulletproof on the internet. You made that statement to get attention. And guess what? You got it!

tony3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

how ignorant.

Genuine3721d ago

I would absolutely LOVE to run into an SPG member out in the real world.

caffman3721d ago

and I'm in the 360 camp. I would never think of harming him over something as stupid as electronics. The other night he had his PS3 at mine and we had a chance to compare both. I had to admit that certain parts of the PS3 were good and he had to admit that certain things on the 360 were good. But the whole thing about fantastic wireless gaming for free was bull. I have a very very good wireless router and it just couldn't connect properly. He admitted that he always has problems with wireless and asked if I had a spare cable. So he used my routers wired broadband and we had a few games on resistance.

Genuine3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

You should show your daughter this article, as well as the SPG website. They are chock full of psycho's. I would certainly watch his behavior if their relationship ever goes sour.

As for me, I've watched them collectively control the news on this website, bully it's members, and even make death threats. For me it would be more about their behavior than electronics.

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Rattles3722d ago

waits for POG to start complaining about ps3 fanbois.

GiantEnemyCrab3722d ago

waits for someone to mention RROD or how MS is the devil and it is out to screw all gamers and kill all your children by people who name themselves after corporate execs that would not give a crap about them if they died by bear attack 2 blocks down from their home.

FLOPbox 3603722d ago

<-----------This wannabe is failing again this generation.

GiantEnemyCrab3722d ago

That wannabe is currently right behind the Wii in install base while the POS3 is last and will be years before it catches up. Just because you keep telling everyone your #1 doesn't make it true last place boy.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43722d ago

p.s Is that a Photo of Bill Gate$ kid at Christmas???
i.e Daddy got him a xBox 360!!! ;-D

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