IGN's review: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is a fan's taste of perfection

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has most everything you've loved about the GT franchise in the past, though with some notable improvements and additions while simultaneously on a smaller scale. The AI is much improved, the online, while basic, works really well, and the series (or really any other racing game in existence) has never been more realistic nor arguably fun to drive (with Burnout being its only "fun" competition).

Prologue is not necessarily a game for someone who wasn't quite into Gran Turismo in the past and is thinking of giving it another go (that'll be the full GT5 release next year), but it's definitely a worthy pickup for fans of the franchise.

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sonarus3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I respect ign reviews more than any others in the game industry. IGN>gamespot>gametrailer s. Everyone else i don't really care about.
This by the way has nothing to do with the fact that they gave this game an 8.5 lol

No game drives better or more realistically than this. If only there were more tracks and cars, this score would go way up.

fanboy translation Forza fans eat your heart out:D

Proxy3812d ago

I agree. I've liked IGN ever since they nailed a handful of games I personally rated last generation. I chose a few games, listed them from best to worse, and checked IGNs scores which matched up perfectly. I agree with many of their opinions they express in the text as well.

Part of the problem is some people who think a 6 is an failure, it doesn't mean the game not fun, just the MOST people probably wouldn't enjoy it much. I loved the Armored Core series which often received poor scores, I understood why when I tried to get my friend to play who couldn't get into it and hated the controls.

Time Lord3812d ago

Gamespot hass gone waaaaaaay down.

ELite_Ghost3812d ago

i don't even go to gamespot, they have old news, and not much news

Xi3812d ago

will still be the sim racers games though. As much as I love the arcadey feel of the cars in gt, it's just not the same as the realism and tuning you have in those 2 great titles.

fenderputty3812d ago

They seem to be the most realistic across all consoles.

computer3812d ago

I downloaded the Japanese demo a whiiiile ago and I have never seen such amazing graphics for a racing game. Ever.

sonarus3812d ago

Every time forza fans say GT drives arcadey i just laugh. I don't know why it is so hard to accept that GT > Forza

ThaGeNeCySt3812d ago

Because GT > Forza is just as much an opinion as Forza > GT.

Whoooop3812d ago

GT > Forza <------- no opinion there buddy...

BobDog3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

i just laughed, gt arcadey?

u must have never driven a car, your mum still drop you off at work?

sonarus3812d ago

I have played forza 2. No where near as extensively as i have played GT5P demo but from what i remember playing, i think GT is superior to forza in terms of individual car handling and car physics. I don't care if forza has 360 calculations per sec at the very worst they are neck and neck so when i hear someone say GT drives arcadey that is just fanboy sillyness

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OoLegendoO3812d ago

Sounds really good. I also have the game and I can confirm that it is very good.

Rattles3812d ago

yes this is exactly wat gt5p is something for the fans its just that theres about 50million of them. then you just got you 12 fonza? forza? fans complaining about something.

Hydrolex3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

A demo gets 8.5 ? LOL That's AWESOME

mintaro3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

iunno kind of hard to define it as a demo.

good score nonetheless

ElementX3812d ago

Demos are a taste of the final product. If a demo gets 8.5, I don't expect the final product to get a 9.7.

tgh machines3812d ago

since when does a Demo cost $40?

icechai3812d ago

its not a demo. Its a standalone product which is the prologue towards the upcoming GT5. Agree with what other people said about what a demo is ^

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