Killzone: Mercenary: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "Portable first-person shooters generally suck. The controls are too limited, the screens too small for fine detail, or the stories aren't more than simple set dressing for an egregious bullet and blood ballet. Killzone: Mercenary does not feel like a portable first-person shooter."

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LOGICWINS1716d ago

"Killzone: Mercenary is the best first-person shooter available on a portable console, but more importantly it's one of the better first-person shooters, period."

Big statement right here.

potedude1716d ago

This game is making me think of getting a Vita...

remanutd551716d ago

Don't think too much and join us on the killzone, we have headshots, insane melee kills waiting for you lol.

abusador1716d ago

Its true imo. At first I was comparing it to kz2 bcus it pays homage to it in many ways but as I played more of the mp and sp I noticed its better and more fun in many respects. This game is awesome. I just put 4 yrs into the mp and played alot of the sp omw to work.

Benjammin251716d ago

I think you mean 4 hrs. :)

PoSTedUP1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

it's funny, i was just entering the comments section thinking 'this is my favorite FPS of this gen'. really, the game screams perfection, guerrilla cambridge did everything right, and i cant stop playing it. i actually wanna go to bed right now im so tired, but, i cant, i am a mercenary, and mercenaries dont sleep.
i put an hour n a half into the sp (just the first mission lol) im kinda milking it its really enjoyable and i want it to last.
and 6 into the mp.
addme Streetveteran1 psnid we can party up.

AbortMission1716d ago

Completely agree. The game is fun as hell and it looks amazing on the Vita.

iamnsuperman1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I wouldn't call it the best FPS ever (campaign is a bit short, story isn't spectacular and the voice acting is a bit weak) but it is the best on a handheld device and a real good step in the right direction (especially multiplayer). I really do enjoy this game

ArchangelMike1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Completely agree. I can think of more than a few FPS games that are far worse than Killzone Mercenary. GG knocked it well out of the park. A perfect FPS for the Vita.

Perjoss1716d ago

My head hurts just thinking about how they managed to cram so much graphical goodness into something the size of a controller.

It's like a tasty cake made of pure eye candy, covered in hot sticky gameplay sauce.


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porkChop1716d ago

The only problem I have with the game is the low FOV. Lower FOVs are needed on console because you're so far away from the TV screen. But on a PC monitor or a handheld you really need a higher FOV so the game doesn't feel so narrow and claustrophobic. That's the one mistake I think they made, but other than that it's truly an amazing game.

imXify1716d ago

I agree here, many times it gets me dizzy and I don't know what I'm doing lol.

Thirty3Three1716d ago

I think Danner is a small person D:

Compare your height to your partner's as well as to chairs and whatnot in the first few missions. It's CRAZAY LAWL

WeAreLegion1716d ago

I absolutely agree that this is one of the best FPS's in years. The campaign is top-notch! I may even like the story more than any of the other Killzones, so far. I actually LIKE the ISA/mercenary characters in this one!

iR_phantasm1716d ago

I think campaign is alright so far, the Boris part was pretty kool (no spoiler). Im in love with the MP, simple, tight and straightforward fun.

memots1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

god damnit ... i am a broke ass.

I gotta make my choices. This coming out now. Ps4 is half paid up already and Gt6 is coming up i am left with little spare fun money.

I want Kz:Mercenary, I guess i need to put some overtime in.

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