Star Trek Director JJ Abrams Talks Video Games And Valve Projects

At the Blu-ray and DVD release party for Paramount Home Entertainment's Star Trek Into Darkness, director JJ Abrams opens up about the failed Star Trek video game and reveals he's working with Valve on several new projects in this exclusive interview.

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DDDGirlGamer851683d ago

I think he just pretty much Confirmed Portal 3 and Half Life 3

-Gespenst-1683d ago

Nah I think he just confirmed films of both Portal and Half Life. The latter had already sort of been confirmed, so... Sad day.

gamerlive1683d ago

He did confirm that, and also said he bailed on Star Trek game when it looked bad...

-Gespenst-1683d ago

I think the reason videogame film tie-ins don't work is because most ESTEEMED directors and screenwriters don't really take games seriously, and they're totally right not to do so, at least in the state they are right now. Most of the videogame movies that have been made in the last decade have been made by idiots and have largely (not all of them- silent hill for example) been idiotic games themselves.

The things about most games is that so much of their quality is derived from the interactivity, but take that away and make it a film and it's guaranteed to suck. Most games rely on the gameplay aspect and without it you can see that most of them would be modern b-movie level stuff. The problem with the interactivity then is that currently, it's hit a sort of creative nadir. The notion of what a game is and the expectations built into the idea of what a game can be is rarely challenged these days. It's all shooting, killing, lifebars, huds, etc. and there's really nothing in any of that if games want to really be taken seriously. Bioshock Infinite is a great example. It aspires to this heady, philosophical, artiness, but this all gives way to the usual, juvenile "videogamey-ness" of the gameplay, which not only cheapens the "artiness" but actually reveals it to be a load of old psuedo-intellectual pap. If the developers really are so brainwashed by the notions and expectations built into games, it's hard to see the more "intellectual" elements of the game as actually intellectual if they came from those kinds of creative minds.

A Half Life film would likely be the naffest thing ever, and with Abrams directing it, I already know exactly how it'll look. Over-saturated colours, mindless action sequences, over-use of CG, and a shallow rendition of the plot. It won't resemble HL at all and will be a travesty.

I'm not entirely sure Half Life should ever be made into a movie and it sort of disappoints me that the guys at Valve would choose someone like Abrams to do it. Portal on the other hand has more potential, but again, if it's being handed by Abrams, it'll be a charmless, empty, shit-fest.

creHEARTive1683d ago

lol glad he admitted the star trek game was crap. love this guy.