Xbox Originals to add Splinter Cell and Metal Arms

"Since we know that 94.8% of all Xbox Live users adore Microsoft's Xbox Originals program (it's a scientifically proven fact), we know there's a good chance that you'll be uber excited to hear that two new titles will be added to the catalog next week. On Monday, April 21st, both Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Metal Arms: Glitch In The System will be available for purchase off the XBLM for the standard 1200 Microsoft point price. So ... yup, more Xbox Originals titles next week" writes Dustin Burg

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Citizen Cook3895d ago

I want GALLEON and Oddworld Stranger Wrath!

Oh, but M$ never bothered to make them BC did they!?



Xcal2k33895d ago

my favorite Xbox game is coming to Originals, Splinter Cell: Chaos theory. I wanna thank microsoft *sniff* I..I wanna thank my mom for always beleiving that Xbox Live was an actual way of life *Sniff* I wanna thank *sniff...sniff* The d...devs... I...I LOVE YOU MICROSFOT!!! GAAAHHH, *cries*

Grown Folks Talk3895d ago

at your local GameStop/Eb. It's like $3 now. & still great.

Rhezin3895d ago

those are meh games, give me DUKE NUKEM and Castle Crashers for XBLA.

FCOLitsjustagame3895d ago

I bought Metal Arms Glitch in the system for about $9.00 from BB a few years ago. It was a suprisingly good buy. I thought it might be interesting when the names of the first two robot guys working with me were "hosed" and "screwd". Fun game.

Still though WHERE IS MY CHRONICALS OF RIDDICK. If you aren't going to make the remake, then give me an Xbox Original or at least BC.