Cops, Monsters, and Manhattan—RPG Club Plays Parasite Eve Part 1 (Pixels or

PixelsorDeath's RPG Club moves on to their game for September - Parasite Eve.

"For those who have never played the game, Parasite Eve is a Playstation 1 RPG from the late 90s developed and published by Square Enix, then known as Squaresoft. The game mixes action RPG combat with survival horror aesthetics ripped straight out of Resident Evil and tells the tale of NYPD officer Aya Brea as she struggles to understand a series of horrific mutations. Over the course of six days in Manhattan, Aya discovers a nefarious plot and an endless supply of pseudo-scientific jargon.

But that’s enough with the boring demographic information. Let’s get down to what we actually think about the title so far. For this first entry, our writers played through at least the first day, with many completing the second as well."

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