Refusing ratings "a case of pure hypocrisy"

The topic of some videogames being denied a rating, effectively banning them in some areas, has been slowly but surely gaining traction. Some recent examples include the Manhunt 2 debacle in the UK where the game was released with an 18+ rating only after Rockstar was forced to remove some content, and the Video Appeals Committee used its independent scrutiny to overturn the BBFC's decision. And Australia's ridiculous rating system where 15+ is the highest possible rating a game can receive is always fun to see in action.

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GiantEnemyCrab3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

and these are the kinds of articles that should see the comments on instead of all the flamebait stuff.

It is pure hypocrisy. The things they can do in movies to get an R rating would easily put a game into AO territory and that is just not right. The world needs to understand that games are just not for kids anymore. The late 20's - 30's grew up on Pac-Man and video games and it has become part of their lives like books or any forms of entertainment. What is acceptable in one form of media(movies or TV) should be applied to games equally.