Fox Business: A Look at PS4's Infamous Second Son and Interview With Scott Rohde

Sony Computer Entertainment SVP Scott Rohde gives a sneak peak at a video game not yet on the market for PS4 and why it's the most powerful machine on...

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xHeavYx1715d ago

Right now, this is my most anticipated next gen game, can't wait to jump off the space needle.
BTW, I saw this interview and the one with Tretton, that woman is so clueless about videogames, but it makes the interview funny

CocoWolfie1715d ago

tbh one of the best experices in gaming is doing inhuman things so this, being a superhero/villian, its always good! ^-^

FamilyGuy1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

They have a demo playing in the background and the game looks beyond phenomenal!

The destruction is one thing but the way he navigates the environment is amazing, I haven't seen this full demo before. My anticipation just tripled @[email protected]

Going from ground level to the top of big buildings and hovering over the enormous landscape. Able to go anywhere he pleases as well as making the battle he's in on a large scale. Fighting a guy that's a 1/4 mile or so away from him.

It looks INSANE! On top of it all the graphics are amazingly high detail. I don't care anybodies console allegiance, this game is what we've been waiting for. A true showcase of next-gen power.

Shadowsteal1715d ago

I think it could've been a LOT worse.

She says RATCHET then calls his weapon a Trident...not a "wrench"

And meet my friend "God of War"? lol that's his title, his name is Kratos

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this video :)

iiwii1715d ago

Yeah, that was funny. I laughed. But she did pretty good overall. I'm guessing she has kids who coached her up on the "goings on" between the two new systems.

FamilyGuy1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

OMG I officially hate this woman, lol.

I feel like I'd suffer a brain aneurism if I was forced to listen to her for much longer. The very start "this is my friend God of War" made me wanna vomit, luckily laughter came out instead.

It's funny in a way but I really wish they had got anyone else in the world to do this interview.

I think she's completely oblivious to all things video game related and was simply given a short briefing right before going out to do these interviews. Probably reading notes right before the camera started rolling.
It's not really her fault, Fox should've gotten someone more attune with gaming.

I guess it's nice that her ignorance helps to prevent a bias towards one system or another though.

Jaqen_Hghar1715d ago

A man forgets what a woman called the controller in the Jack interview but it was just priceless

VanguardOfCalamity1715d ago

I'm with ya - this game along with Destiny are the ones I'm really looking forward to

FamilyGuy1715d ago

These are my two most anticipated titles.
There's plenty of other great looking games but these two are above everything else that I've seen so far.

Campy da Camper1715d ago

Ditto. Would like to add the Division as well.

sashimi1715d ago

Lol wth i was not expecting Rachet to start moving, i thought it was just a large doll :)

joeyisback1715d ago

thought i saw him move near the start

Darkfist1715d ago

i hate that Ratchet(looking at eyebrows)

ABeastNamedTariq1715d ago

This, MGSV and The Witcher 3 are probably my most anticipated titles right now. Fox Business is kind of on a roll lol, first the great interview with Jack, and now this.

Next gen is almost here. 2 months. TWO MONTHS.

GarrusVakarian1715d ago

Lol, she hasn't got the slightest clue wtf he's telling her.

pyramidshead1715d ago

haha I caught onto that too, she doesn't even know what she's looking at.

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