Kids choosing Apple iPhone over Nintendo DS for video games

NPD's survey of more than 4,200 kids ages 2 to 17 found that 26% play games on iPhones, up from 11% in 2011. By comparison, 25% of kids surveyed play games on Nintendo's DS devices, down from 37% two years ago.

The survey also found that 21% of kids play games on Apple's iPad, up from 5% in 2011, and 19% play games on the iPod Touch, up from 18%. Some 23% play games on Android smartphones, a device category not measured two years ago.

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iamnsuperman1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Well the market is shifting. I can see in the next 10 years (well even less than that) we won't have handheld consoles. Just too expensive to make them stay relevant (if the machine is dedicated to playing games). Phones are getting a lot better with their games and specs but also are sold at a manageable price with contracts (compensates the large price tag) which is why they have some appeal. I can see in a couple of years time our tablets will be doing a similar function to what the Vita and the PS3/PS4 does now with remote play and (well not yet but shortly) cloud gaming.

Anon19741498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I'd noticed a shift when visiting friends who had kids around that 6-10. There was a time when we'd get together and they'd all pull out their DS's when the adults got together. The last year or so I noticed whenever we'd get together the DS's are completely absent, replaced with iPod Touch's or Android devices, and even 3-4 year olds are playing with titles like Zoodles that provide activities and videos while locking out other device functions that can get them into trouble.

Of course there's still a market for dedicated gaming devices like the 3DS and Vita but I've only seen one 3DS out in the wild in the past year or so and one Vita (mine!). Mind you, I'm hitting 40 soon so it's not like I'm hanging out around schools or anything where these devices would show up - I'm just saying it ain't like it used to be. When 3-4 year olds are using tablets it doesn't take a marketing genius to predict that they're going to remain popular for some time.

darthv721498d ago

Considering that most (not all) schools have a ban on video game devices (gameboy's, Ds, PSP...) it makes more sense that kids are switching to using phones and tablets.

Those arent banned (yet) at schools. Teachers obviously prohibit the use of them during class but when you are on lunch you can use your phone to text and game as much as you want.

Even at my house, my kids are constantly asking to use my phone to play a game and yet they have their own individual ds's and a slew of carts to choose from.

the market for the dedicated portable is shrinking due to convenience in the form of mobility with smartphones and tablets. Soon, the console market will be at risk but that is why sony and MS (and to some extent nintendo) are making their home consoles capable of more than just games. they too need to stay relevant in the changing conditions.

miyamoto1498d ago

IMHO never trust NPD
they are in accurate and fishy

Spinal1498d ago

No you have it all wrong.

What will happen is handheld systems will soon adopt mobile features calls texts an what not an I'm not talking skype I'm talkin about it accepting ur SIM card. The Xperia play is a shoddy but shining example of the future of these dedicated handhelds.

Tablets will never replace consoles. Never ever. Tablets have a market of their own an it's comfortable there. A tablet owner an a console owner never cross paths when planning to buy one or the other. Two separate activities entirely.

darthv721498d ago

As much as we would all want to believe the "never ever" is happening sooner or later. Even a company like sony is capable of developing a mobile device that can double as a console when docked to a tv.

If you feel strongly in the convergence of portable devices taking on the mobile features then you have to be just as receptive of a mobile device taking on console features as well.

Donnieboi1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Ummmm...I think the kids like it because they don't have to beg their parents to buy them games--since games are free on phones. Kids don't have credit/debit cards. And even if their parents gave them a card, i'm sure it wasn't so they could blow their money on $40 3ds games. So phone games make for convenient and free quickies. Simple, really.

Drummerdude411498d ago

Well most kids nowadays grew up with angry birds and words with friends as apposed to our generation with pokemon, kirby, mario and dragon warrior. It's sad to me to see the market shift to a platform that respects the income from games over the creative outlet and visions from developers looking to create something that is truly an experience. This is just what i see happening and if i end up being wrong i will gladly eat my words as i feel all kids should have the kind of nostalgia with games as our generations did.

wishingW3L1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

to me it makes sense because that way they feel more like grown-ups, instead of playing Mario and Pokemon on DS they play games on a phone. And we are seeing a similar shift on consoles too with games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, which are games for adults but it's mostly children the ones that play it. And not to mention that they are just following the trends, which is what kids and teens do.

Arcanine1498d ago

Oh well to bad there missing out on true quality games that made what games are now today!

dark-kyon1498d ago

i do not blame them,nintendo is how disney,is to much kiddie friendly what the same children think what is not cool play his games.

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