Jumpgate Evolution: The First Fifteen - Kotaku's Preview

How long do you play a game before you decide if you like it?

An hour, two, a day? Try 15 minutes.

The first fifteen is all the time a developer gets to convince a gamer that what they're playing is worth the price of admission, or so believes NetDevil's Scott Brown.

Following in the footsteps of the masters of the MMO, Blizzard, NetDevil is breaking away from the norm of game development for their latest pet project, Jumpgate: Evolution. Instead of trying to sketch out a complete world and then going back and filling in the details, giving the game its luster and heart in a soul-killing, deadline-pushing crunch, NetDevil is crafting their space flight massively multiplayer game one gleaming section at a time.

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meepmoopmeep3892d ago

ummmm... no.

i need to play it for 2+ hours before i make a decision if i like a game or not.
15 minutes is for the learning curve of the button config.