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Mario Kart Wii vs N64 vs GameCube - Video Feature

One of Mario Kart Wii's big selling points for fans is the inclusion of numerous classic tracks. To give you an idea of how these have been recreated on the Wii VideoGamer.com has put together two videos, comparing the Nintendo 64 tracks to the remastered versions and the GameCube tracks to their remastered versions. (GameCube, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Wii)

Rockstar  +   2565d ago
Which ones which?
*rubs eyes

Well, It's good to see them pushing the hardware!

I'll probably end up buying this anyway since I like the fact you can use your GC controller on it.
sonarus  +   2565d ago
is it just me cus the videos aren't working
exnor  +   2565d ago
Working here
ChickeyCantor  +   2565d ago
You dont really see a difference in these video( not talking about the n64 comparison)
but i have played them both, on the same TV.
The Wii version is far more sharper and has better texture quality.
Making the characters and karts high poly....i really dont see the use of that in such a game.

but who cares? its a fun game
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LightningPS3  +   2565d ago
Well Mario Kart Wii looks better than Double Dash
Double Dash sucked with those kiddy cars.

I think the older the better, the best is still Mario Kart for Super Nintendo, followed by Mario Kart 64.
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keony  +   2565d ago
I and my kids enjoyed much with the N64 version and Double Dash. Kart Wii is not much better than DS. Truly you pay full price for half of the tracks.
Ri0tSquad  +   2565d ago
I wanted to throw up
Seriously, Nintendo really disappointed me. What kind of improvement is that? Ugh, so lame. Hard to believe they put any type of work into the Mario Kart Wii version, graphically. Not as good as the small jump with Smash Bros Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy.
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slowlearner  +   2565d ago
i like the old school ones better
The little gas powered carts on the SNES and n64 versions are my favorite. The battle mode on the SNES version has been the best of them all.
fenderputty  +   2565d ago
In a couple years,
when the price has fallen to reasonable levels, I'll buy the Wii for this game.

/sing song "memories"
Adamalicious  +   2565d ago
I'm still holding out on getting a Wii as well though I would like to play Zelda and Mario. I could see paying $150 US for one, but $250 is just too much for so few games.
ForROME  +   2565d ago
To me both the N64 and Gamecube versions seem much more vibrant color, and the Gamecube is much cleaner sharper looking
ChickeyCantor  +   2565d ago
" much more vibrant color, and the Gamecube is much cleaner sharper looking

maybe in the video but seeing it in action on the same tv will show a totall different thing.

The new levels look far more better then all the other remastered levels.

And the videos arent really 100% right on quality so its misleading too.
KeiZka  +   2565d ago
Well, there are people who have access to both DD and MKWii at the same time, and on same TV, and then there are people who don't.

I'm with Sidar here.
Xi  +   2565d ago
looks like the difference
between a launch gamecube game and a gamecube game near the end of its cycle
solar  +   2565d ago
after SMK for SNES all other versions are imitations of perfection :P
kewlkat007  +   2565d ago
so will they have
"Rainbow Road" - The best track ever...

I still think the SNES version was the best...Were still waiting fro a breakthrough...
Danja  +   2565d ago
Double Dash looks a lil more vibrant than Kart....which is a shame on Nintendo's part....
Skynetone  +   2565d ago
where's the innovation

Thank god for ps3 {or id be screwed}
iamtehpwn  +   2565d ago
Are we STILL on this discussion?
I believe Nintendo established blatantly Graphics is *NOT* their objective. With monsters like 360, PS3, and PC, who cares.

I'll get Mario Kart Wii as long as it's fun (though I will be playing with a gamecube controller. That wheel looks terrible), because ideally, Mario Kart is not the kind of game that lures you in with Shinny graphics =P

*waits to get disagrees for no particular reason*
KeiZka  +   2565d ago
Umm, suggestion: Try Wiimote/Nunchuk combination. It's almost the same as the GCN controller, tbh. And it works surprisingly well.
GrooveChampion  +   2565d ago
How about I agree with you for no particular reason?
Si-Pie  +   2565d ago
Yep as a few have already said and I agree that for me the Original Snes version is still the best! I wonder why nintendo havnt released it on virtual console yet? But anyway I think Mario Kart wii is alot of fun and is better than double dash!
wiizy  +   2565d ago
mario kart wii is the best so far.
ngg12345  +   2565d ago
Is this a joek
Why in the hell does double dash levels look worst.
dogman3161  +   2564d ago
Wii Vs Nintendo 64 Mario kart
The article on the beginning page suggest that there is a video comparing the two systems, but the video doesn't appear to work. I would like to see the comparison dogman3161
otherZinc  +   2564d ago
Terrible, just terrible!
kingboy  +   2564d ago
Rip off!! ,gosh! same game no improvements
ItsDubC  +   2564d ago
It has apparently become cliché to ignore improvements in Nintendo games for the sake of calling them rehashes.

If this weren't a Nintendo game, ppl would be all over the fact that it now has robust online play, bikes, stunts, motion-control, etc. But instead it's simply, "Wait, Mario's in the game? Rehash!"
PS360WII  +   2564d ago
Same thing goes for casual games. If found on a Nintendo platform it's a joke and stupid but if on a Sony or MS platform it's the greatest thing ever and the best thing for hardcore and casuals alike.
nutmaniv  +   2564d ago
Double dash is my favorite Mario kart so far. I don't have a wii yet so it'll be some time before i play mario kart wii.

I really enjoyed Double dash though. I loved all the unlockable stuff, i loved the track designs and I really loved the co op play.

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