Emotiv Systems Wants Us To Play Games With Our Minds

Scientific American's Peter Sergo writes:

"No matter how hard you try, your mind can't bend a spoon or channel the powers of a Jedi knight. Thanks to a new headset under development by neuroengineering company Emotiv Systems, however, you may soon be able to do this and more via the magic of video games."

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crazy250003893d ago

"this is as close as we're going to get to emulating Luke Skywalker's ability to pluck his X-wing from the swamps of the planet Dagobah"


KozmoOchez3892d ago

I heard that they have been trying things like this for a while now and the stuff isnt to accurate yet, but when it is...think of all the previously paralyzed ppl that can now play videogames, or do other things

Skerj3893d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this thing, I hope they release an SDK for it.

Skerj3892d ago

Oh you sir truly rock, thanks and bubbles.

KozmoOchez3893d ago

What is an SDK?

anyways...i wonder if they'll put rumble in it to vibrate our bodies with the games...or maybe we'll feel where the gunshot went to, who knows the capabilities!

killak3893d ago

but this thing looks dope!

fenderputty3893d ago

I saw an article on this site about something like body armor that would vibrate where the bullets were hitting you. Be it in the back or the front. Most people thought it looked way too dorky to wear though. I would personally give it a shot since I don't give two sh1ts what anyone thinks of me.

Xi3893d ago

stands for software development kit, and it's what they use to create new software for specific hardware, or other software (like the source engine, uses the source SDK)

Fishy Fingers3893d ago

Think I'll just stick to using me hands thanks.

I enjoy the gap between reality and games.

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