Grand Theft Auto Online Details Revealed

Rockstar has revealed the hope behind Grand Theft Auto Online is "to create an entire Grand Theft Auto world that consists of everything we've done or are going to do then let the player freely move between them."

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Snookies121473d ago

*drools* GTA Online is going to be... Amazing...

grumpc1473d ago

I can't stop clicking on GTA articles...

NewMonday1472d ago

it is like the online concept of White Knight Chronicles. the SP has realized main characters with one extra non central character that also plays in the MP, also the SP maps are the same as the MP maps.

Koyes1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Anyone have any information on the maximum number of members in a 'Gang'?

Snookies121473d ago

I don't think there is a maximum. Last I heard you can recruit as many members as you want.

-EvoAnubis-1473d ago

300 is the maximum for a crew.

MizTv1472d ago

What is the Max player count?

IRetrouk1473d ago

Lol brill find, i had not seen that yet.

Tribulation41473d ago

What was it? It's no longer there.

IRetrouk1471d ago

It was a dog humping another dog in gta.

Steven211473d ago

They could release this as a separate game and I'd gladly pay another $60 for it

Blastoise1473d ago

Ssssssh don't give them ideas!

Stsonic1473d ago

This is rock* not activition

JackBNimble1473d ago

EA and Activision are one in the same.

aksmashh1473d ago

Cant wait to do some drive-bys online!!!

My wish/hope is that next gen gta online will be like a mmo

fattyuk1473d ago

more players online..... mmo....mmo ... mmo

Rhezin1473d ago

mmo and GTA? no thanks.

IRetrouk1473d ago

Its a good idea, a consistent character and world where everyone is a potential real person, i think it would make gta feel even more alive.

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