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Grand Theft Auto Online Details Revealed

Rockstar has revealed the hope behind Grand Theft Auto Online is "to create an entire Grand Theft Auto world that consists of everything we've done or are going to do then let the player freely move between them." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   590d ago
*drools* GTA Online is going to be... Amazing...
grumpc  +   590d ago
I can't stop clicking on GTA articles...
NewMonday  +   589d ago
it is like the online concept of White Knight Chronicles. the SP has realized main characters with one extra non central character that also plays in the MP, also the SP maps are the same as the MP maps.
Koyes  +   590d ago
Anyone have any information on the maximum number of members in a 'Gang'?
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Snookies12  +   590d ago
I don't think there is a maximum. Last I heard you can recruit as many members as you want.
-EvoAnubis-  +   590d ago
300 is the maximum for a crew.
MizTv  +   589d ago
What is the Max player count?
IRetrouk  +   589d ago
Lol brill find, i had not seen that yet.
Tribulation4  +   589d ago
What was it? It's no longer there.
IRetrouk  +   588d ago
It was a dog humping another dog in gta.
Steven21  +   590d ago
They could release this as a separate game and I'd gladly pay another $60 for it
Blastoise  +   590d ago
Ssssssh don't give them ideas!
Stsonic  +   590d ago
This is rock* not activition
Swiggins  +   590d ago
I think you mean EA
TheFamous1  +   590d ago
Fuck Activation!
JackBNimble  +   590d ago
EA and Activision are one in the same.
aksmashh  +   590d ago
Cant wait to do some drive-bys online!!!

My wish/hope is that next gen gta online will be like a mmo
fattyuk  +   590d ago
more players online..... mmo....mmo ... mmo
SolidStoner  +   590d ago
MPO? :)
Rhezin  +   590d ago
mmo and GTA? no thanks.
IRetrouk  +   589d ago
Its a good idea, a consistent character and world where everyone is a potential real person, i think it would make gta feel even more alive.
optimus  +   590d ago
I'm confused, can't you go online with the regular game? is this a separate game? why release it just 2 weeks later, wouldn't that hurt sales of grand theft auto 5??...

This looks like another world of warcraft where people won't leave their house for weeks and a lot of relationships will be broken... I can see the news already, "woman files for divorce because of a videogame. the story at 11."

If i end up getting this online game it will be well after i am done with 5 which by the looks of it will be some time in the new year.
Snookies12  +   590d ago
No, GTA Online is the multi-player portion of GTA 5. It's just not quite ready yet, so you won't be able to access it until 2 weeks after launch. It comes free with your copy of GTA 5.
optimus  +   590d ago
i see, i was confused with everyone calling it grand theft auto online as oppose to the usual "multiplayer portion"...well, either way, i won't be playing that until i finish the actual game. glad it's not a separate game...capcom's antics have left me fearful that other game developers would follow.
waltercross  +   589d ago
@ optimus

Actually, R* calls it GTA Online and everyone else followed.

R* says they don't want it to be just another Multiplayer portion, so they call it GTA Online.
optimus  +   589d ago
@walter... that's what i meant by "everyone", which included rockstar. they have done online multiplayer before and didn't call it grand theft auto online... it just seemed like a separate game to me.
quenomamen  +   590d ago
If you need to deposit money in ATMs & Banks, can me an my crew of bandidos just stake them out waiting for fools ? Why even bother doing the missions ourselves right ? Of course we would be more wanted than Meagan Fox after a divorce but it can be done no ? If so the amount of people just praying on each other is going to be out of control, people are gonna be afraid to go to Banks or ATMs
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bohemian 23  +   589d ago
Rockstar are implementing a ratings system so people who camp ATMs and such, will be given a "negative" review. Not necessarily sure, how it will work but I would assume if you camp ATMs, you get a bad rating, people see it, and won't want you in their game.
Gobbyer  +   589d ago
I loved to just snipe people in IV singleplayer. I hope GTA 5 has better draw distance than 4, you could barely see spawned pedestrials from your scope when standing on the higher buildings.

But if the player character draw distance is long enough you could camp an ATM from rooftop as far and high as possible so the unsuspecting victim wont even see you in radar. And as soon as he or she is about to deposit money.... BAM! Then all you need to do is to jump from the roof, open parachute and just glide to the body and deposit the money to your account. Muahaha! Oh man that would feel awesome, but dickheadish at the same time.

This got me wondering about snipers... I hope there arent many oh them just chilling on the roofs and killing random players.... you know, the COD generation.
---stone---  +   590d ago
I cant to steal get away cars from those that try and pull off bank heists. Or snipe off bank robbers as they're exiting with the money and stuff.
optimus  +   590d ago
i would imagine that camping out in front of banks and things with a crew waiting for players to do the dirty deeds for them would require some kind of opportunity window for an ambush to take place otherwise we have a completely unbalanced game on our hands with millions of frustrated players.
quenomamen  +   590d ago
Sounds like people are gonna have to be very careful depositing their loot. I dont know of another game that has had something like this. According to info about MP that has been realesed, players who do get robbed can then put a bounty on the robbers head. I'm wondering how many players out there plan on being the one with the highest bounty, or how many plan on doing nothing buy collecting those bounties. This is a whole new aspect to MP that has me really intrigued. Crazy
optimus  +   590d ago
yes, they mentioned the bounty on people in the trailer for it which is intriguing but, i hope they don't have a reward for it in terms of giving you added perks cause it would take away from doing anything else in the game...

imagine having a million dollar bounty on someone's head, you could potentially have 10 gangs after you the minute you log on...unless they decide to not give you a marker over your head for the world to see the bounty...it would be cool if they didn't make it so obvious...
maybe show your gamertag on billboards, announce it on a cop radio forcing you to steal a police car to find the person, at the same time eluding the actual police for stealing the car which would give you an automatic 3 star level so as not to make collecting bounties so easy.

speaking of which, i hope the game lets you be actual police officers as appose to the car chase "cops vs.robbers" from gta4...being the police you would have to look for people breaking in to places and call for swat support, helicopters, etc.... thinking about the possibilities really has me intrigued now.
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waltercross  +   589d ago
There will probably be a grace period after logging in.
SonyWarrior  +   589d ago
this is how it was in san andreas online for PC. it was always fun stealing others money

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