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Submitted by BlakeA 880d ago | opinion piece

The Real Reason I’m Not Getting An Xbox One

Despite its rough start, the Xbox One has done a lot to shore up its image. However, for Blake from Leviathyn, its not enough. (PS4)

xHeavYx  +   880d ago
"I believe it Sony’s vision for the PS4 more than Microsoft’s vision for the Xbox One….because I’m not sure they have one"
Just like Andrew House said it, the One has no vision. They said it was built around Kinect and DRM, but the first one is no longer required and the second one is gone.
Welcome though, greatness awaits for all the people who removed their blinds and jumped ships
Godmars290  +   880d ago
MS's vision seems to be, "To make money by providing a money making platform and subscription services" whereas Sony's seems to be, "To make money by providing a product and entertainment". With the slight differences in those statements representing vast chasms.
XboxFun  +   880d ago
Their vision is to have an all in one complete set top box for the living room as stated by MS many, many times.

The Xbox One plays games, has a great launch line up and will play all those great multi titles currently being promoted by devs and publishers.

As a gamer what other "vision" are you looking for?

Funny how sheep are more concerned about the Xbox One than Xbox's own fans. This tells you that MS is doing everything right.
xHeavYx  +   880d ago
You are so funny it's sad, do you work form MS' reputation dept?

Being an all in one console was only one of the many things they had in mind as part of their vision.
You end your message saying that MS is doing everything right, makes me wonder who is the sheep
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joeyisback  +   880d ago
i aint getting one because they dont care about gamer's and im not into power rangers with guns aka halo PlayStation has always had better games also ill be able to play PS4 games on my vita while on the go through wifi check out this picture heres my gamertag on xbox 360 i was an xbox 360 gamer till 4 yrs ago when i saw the light and got a PS3 i hope more xbox 360 gamers jump ship microsoft doesnt care about games at all they just care about tv and other stuff we can get without a gaming system we buy gaming systems for games which PlayStation gives us

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JuniorCE  +   880d ago

768 GCN shader cores with 853MHz
48 TMUs
16 ROPs
40.9 GTex/s
13.6 GPix/s
8GB DDR3 with 68GB/s + eSRAM voodoo
2 compute command processors
something between 2 and 16 parallel compute queues
GPU cache bypass: no


1152 GCN shader cores with 800MHz
72 TMUs
32 ROPs
57.6 GTex/s
25.6 GPix/s
8GB GDDR5 with 176GB/s
8 compute command processors
64 parallel compute queues
GPU cache bypass: yes


Whether it’s the top notch exclusives or the excellent third party selection, PS4 owners will have a wide selection of titles to choose from at launch with a steady flow thereon after.
Basement Crawl
Infamous: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
The Order: 1886
Secret Ponchos
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Blacklight: Retribution
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
The Crew
Cyberpunk 2077
DC Universe Online
Deep Down
Diablo III
Doki-Doki Universe
Don’t Starve
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dying Light
The Elder Scrolls Online
The Evil Within
Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn
Final Fantasy 15
Just Dance 2014
Kingdom Hearts III
Lords of the Fallen
Mad Max
Madden NFL 25
Marc Ecko’s Getting Up 2
Mercenary Kings
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Mirror’s Edge 2
NBA 2K14
NBA Live 14
Need for Speed: Rivals
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty!
The Pinball Arcade
PlanetSide 2
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Project: Heart and Soul
Ray’s The Dead
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
Shadow Warrior
Skylanders: Swap Force
Sniper Elite 3
Super Motherload
Tiny Brains
Tom Clancy’s The Division
Trials Fusion
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade
War Thunder
Watch Dogs
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witness
Wolfenstein: The New Order

This VITA TV looks SICK!!!!! :-D
That's why I have chosen the PS4 :-D
Demoa  +   880d ago
Those are mostly all multiplats
MasterCornholio  +   880d ago
True but you can still play them on the PS4.

And if the rumors of multi plats being superior on the PS4 are true......

Motorola RAZR i
Godmars290  +   880d ago
"This VITA TV looks SICK!"

No, it looks very cheap and accessible. Obviously so.
GarrusVakarian  +   880d ago
I'll get both.

Because i care about games more than companies :)
HolyDuck  +   880d ago
Ketzicorn  +   880d ago
I don't understand the downvotes for you getting both companies console.Pretty much everyone I know had both systems at some time last generation so I don't get why it's a problem now.
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ZHZ90  +   880d ago
It's ok to get all consoles but money is the problem. And you may get all consoles but you may favor one while other(s) may leave it to dust. I gave you an agree btw.
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jonboi24  +   880d ago
I'll want to get both but I don't have the cash so I like my choice of getting a PS4 first. If down the line MS impresses me with something I really need then yes I'll get. Though I can't easily forgive them for what they tried to do. Only game that truly has my attention on XB1 is Titanfall and I'll pick that up on PC.
Software_Lover  +   880d ago
I thought we were done with these?
sher123win123  +   880d ago
i'm not buying an xbox one also because of the "power of the cloud" aka DRM....
Sketchy_Galore  +   880d ago
I actually think the Xbox one looks like a good console and has some of the best looking launch titles but I have to go with Sony again because they have earned my trust as a company. I am glad Microsoft rethought their business model but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence. If I stay at a small Bed & Breakfast and midway through the night the owner creeps into my room holding a knife, it's not enough that he apologises for disturbing me and leaves my room when I catch him, I'm still probably not gonna be staying there again.

You can say its all about the games and not the politics but you have to consider who is more likely to decide gaming just isn't cutting it for them and start focusing on casual party games and other things a year from now when you already own the console. Either company could do that but if I had to bet one wouldn't it would be Sony.

So I guess I agree with this article but its not just their lack of a clear plan for the future but their proven track record of the past that puts me off.

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