Haze Co-Op PS3 Demo: New In-Game Screenshot

Everybody knows the four-player demo is hitting in May, but take a look at the first high-resolution screenshot, courtesy of

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achira3686d ago

cant wait for it, looks good. 4player coop is the best feature!

Drekken3686d ago

This game is going to be better then expected... and with an online coop beta, they will skip all the BS we have had to deal with in the past (hopefully) Although... after 2 months, look at AoT :\

sonarus3686d ago

Well we will know that in may. Its a very good idea to give gamers a chance to try out the demo. 4 player coop could really give this game some legs

Drekken3686d ago

I believe Gamestop has the prepay, play for a week deal too... Exchange it back for another game or full credit. Cant go wrong there!

sonarus3686d ago

That was a mistake and has since been cancelled

Forgranted3686d ago

@ Sonarus

It hasn't been cancelled, all the EB games i've seen in Canada are heavily promoting it, saw it yesterday.

NO_PUDding3686d ago

Last time I checked this game LOOKED awful.

Now my besta re on it only playign awful, and looking quite pretty.

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heyheyhey3686d ago

contrary to popular belief (and by that i mean ignorant fanboys)

Haze actually looks pretty good

Superiorrior3686d ago

True, contrary to Haze looking good, very little is gonna sway me in terms of the game, going through a fistful delays means the game play better be top notch.

Harry1903686d ago

invite for those who wish a little co-op.

dino6453686d ago

Well I will be on to cant wait to try this out...

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The story is too old to be commented.