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Tales stage event set for Tokyo Game Show

Namco Bandai will hold a “Yappari Tales of Stage” at its Tokyo Game Show booth on September 22, the last day of the event, the publisher announced. (iPad, iPhone, Namco Bandai, PS3)

dark-kyon  +   403d ago
new tales of for ps3,ps4 please namco.
fsfsxii  +   403d ago
I'd shit bricks.
EXVirtual  +   403d ago
Cel Shaded PS4 Tales game? PLEASE???
DarkBlood  +   403d ago
it would be awhile before we see any tales game on the ps4, i think they sell when the system itself is affordable to a certain audience as a whole
Jubez187  +   403d ago
Hopefully something good. Maybe a US vita game? I'd definitely get a Vita TV for it
Nate-Dog  +   403d ago
More news on the Symphonia HD release, more figures and a new PS3 title would be delicious. Don't see any PS4 title being made for a while.

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