Tales stage event set for Tokyo Game Show

Namco Bandai will hold a “Yappari Tales of Stage” at its Tokyo Game Show booth on September 22, the last day of the event, the publisher announced.

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dark-kyon1685d ago

new tales of for ps3,ps4 please namco.

EXVirtual1685d ago

Cel Shaded PS4 Tales game? PLEASE???

DarkBlood1685d ago

it would be awhile before we see any tales game on the ps4, i think they sell when the system itself is affordable to a certain audience as a whole

Jubez1871685d ago

Hopefully something good. Maybe a US vita game? I'd definitely get a Vita TV for it

Nate-Dog1685d ago

More news on the Symphonia HD release, more figures and a new PS3 title would be delicious. Don't see any PS4 title being made for a while.