Gigabyte's tiny new gaming PC is smaller than an Xbox controller

It used to be difficult to find a computer that could play games and still fit underneath your TV. Now, devices like the Alienware X51, Falcon Northwest Tiki, and Digital Storm Bolt can handily fill that role. But what if you want a gaming PC that can fit in your hand? That's where the Gigabyte Brix II comes in: it's both cute and powerful.

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3-4-51503d ago

People said the Gamecube was "cute" as well.

It was also the Most powerful console of it's generation, more so than the xbox or PS2.

This can't be as bad a OUYA so it has that going for it.

starchild1502d ago

Nothing against the Gamecube, but, no, it wasn't more powerful than the Xbox.

The power hierarchy that generation went like this: Xbox > Gamecube > PS2

Stsonic1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Gaming PC in 2007 maybe.

IamGeralt1503d ago

any word on steam has been in silence since 5 or 6 months.
This PC lacks GPU power.

sandman2241503d ago

For $700 what kind of gaming PC can you get that can outperform the Xbox one?

Defiantmac1503d ago

Is that a joke? Anyone who knows how to build a computer could most likely slaughter the xbox1 and ps4's performances with $700 to spend.

starchild1502d ago

We could probably do it with $600 to be honest.

My PC is going to play Battlefield 4 pretty much maxed out and I don't even have to upgrade to beat the PS4 and XB1.

awi59511502d ago

Starchild is right

My pc builds never cost 600 dollars i crossfire mid range cards and have no problem maxing all games. And you may find one game i cant max and that's usually the fault of immature drivers in a month or so the game is running at 80 fps on max at 1080P.

kingduqc1502d ago

I don't get it either... You pay for the small size of it but frankly who cares if it's twice as big?

EazyDuz221502d ago

Most would. Ps4 on the other hand....

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The story is too old to be commented.