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Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Talks About "Millions" of PS4 Preorders, feels like the "Challenger" in the US

The console war for the next generation is heating up and SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is quite optimistic about it, but he doesn’t underestimate the competition. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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sincitysir1  +   753d ago | Well said
I love this guy! Sony execs are the best!

Edit : what people don't like the truth?! =[[
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Godmars290  +   753d ago | Well said
Ken Kutaragi.

While the father of the PS brand, his choices - and one comment - in regards to the PS3 says otherwise.

@Madders Raiders:

And yet he became "Crazy Ken" for saying the wrong thing about a $800 system which was selling for $600. Supposedly miscalculated in trying to manipulate devs into designing only for "his" console and had a lot of gamers jump on that bandwagon as well.

Nevermind that years later despite what he actually did paid off, for the most part, his "mistakes" ultimately allowed to do better. Knocked them out of any complacency which could have left them hopelessly stubborn and inflexible with the PS4.

Unlike their competition...
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sincitysir1  +   753d ago
If there were a game featuring Sony execs I would preorder it today. An adventure - now that I think about it I'm surprised there a haven't been any Sony exec skins for exclusive games!! Where the hell is my fat kaz in uncharted
Maddens Raiders  +   753d ago

No Ken, no PlayStation. End of story.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   753d ago | Intelligent
No Ken Kuturagi= No Playstation=No Xbox

Ken Kuturagi did more for gaming the anyone else in the last 25 years if not ever. He pushed DVD, Blu-ray, Wifi, Blu-tooth, 3D and HD in the consumer electronics business as well.

The Xbox 360 when it launched was a mess, had a high failure rate lacked build in HD-DVD, Wifi, Blutooth, Wireless charger etc and you had to pay for online, chargers, cables etc. The PS3 had only a 9% failure rate after 2 years, it also came with sate of the art tech. From Wifi to Blu-ray. The CELL has influenced CPU parallel processing tremendously had lead to great advancement in CPUGPU processors. Sony were offering great value for money and were loosing 200$+/- per console. Ken Kuturagi had honor and fell on his own sword in 2007, he is a visionary that is missed somewhat. If he was lead-system architect of the PS4, I can guarantee the PS4 would be more powerful for better or for worse.
Ritsujun  +   752d ago
Poor Microsofie, Xbosh, Xbosh360, Xbone180, Dealwithit Orth, and Pon Pattrick.

No Ken, no swords.
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timl241  +   752d ago
He states that they are about the same compared to the PS3 in preorders. Microsoft has already stated they are well beyond the Xbox 360 preorder numbers. And we all have to believe the 360 was preordered more than the PS3. So using deductive reasoning, the XB1 has higher preorder numbers than the PS4? Not my opinion, just using the info given. If I made a mistake let me know.

EDIT: I understand what he was saying. He was just saying the ratio from NA to EU is about the same. Thought he meant preorder numbers were the same. Lol
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bligmerk  +   752d ago
Yeah, like the MS lickers coming up with Krazy Ken wasn't disrespectful. Ken Kutaragi pushed the technology forward at a time when people were happy with their VCR's and tape, making the PS2 the first DVD player to be become mainstream. Same thing, he held out for HDMI to be finalized before launching the PS3, although he was mocked at the time because nobody had an HDMI HDTV. Ken Kutaragi deserves a lot of credit although he probably would have been a terrible CEO.
xHeavYx  +   753d ago
Don't worry about it, you'll always get phantom disagrees from "the others".
When they are not disagreeing with tears in their eyes, they are doing this http://i.minus.com/ilERlIua...
OT: I have the feeling that the PS4 will turn the tables in the US this time around. Better specs + cheaper price + amazing games + no flip flopping = PS4
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abusador  +   753d ago
You have a feeling? Of course have you seen the pre order charts from U.S. sellers such as Amazon? thats not even a question starting off. Even gamestop workers tell me ps4 has way more alotted pre orders and pre orders in general. The gamestop i pre ordered from told me they have 500 for ps4 and something like 150 for xbone.
sincitysir1  +   753d ago
Agreed times avrogadros # ;)
AngelicIceDiamond  +   753d ago
@Heavy Sony will do well in U.S but I don't think it'll be that easy.

Or, we can just pretend it'll be a walk in the park.

Accepting realism and realistic logic isn't fanboys strong points here is it?

Ok well keep pretending I guess, whatever makes you guys feel better.
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FullmetalRoyale  +   753d ago
I don't really watch The Big Bang Theory, but I occasionally watch an episode if I'm flipping channels.

But man, I remember getting a really good laugh out of that scene.

That gif thing really fit well with what was originally happening in that scene.

Pretty funny stuff!
pyramidshead  +   752d ago
lol love that gif.
Imalwaysright  +   752d ago
---stone---  +   752d ago
What an absolute brilliant gif.
Kingthrash360  +   752d ago
sooo funny !!! i peed myself......o.O
kingPoS  +   752d ago
I must of stared at it for two minutes straight. lol
Blaze929  +   753d ago
the fact that he, Sony, feels like the challenger in the US says a lot about how far Microsoft has come just two generations in. Especially following the huge success of the Playstation 2 which dominated everything, everyone, everywhere.

You gotta give Microsoft their props this gen for what they achieved in one console generation. No doubt next-gen will be a very nice battle for both sides and overall, amazing for consumers.

"he doesn’t underestimate the competition."

lol but the playstation community does...greatly. :p
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   753d ago
Not better than what Sony did in it's first to gens, just saying.
theBAWSE  +   753d ago
Funny that... as Microsoft themselves a huge software company underestimated Sony for the new generation, like getting caught napping whilst Sony unveiled the ps4 much to their surprise, they got cocky like Sony did after ps2 even though Microsoft are third this gen they did take a huge fan base from sony which has humbled sony

Microsoft underestimated not only gamers but the intelligence of gamers with all of the restrictions... Soo much so they are referred to as a ballet company with all the twirling 180s,Microsoft are looking like clowns for the new generation

glad to see a humble Sony this gen and not this PR damage control constantly denying facts that Microsoft are on... ms are in for a big shock this new generation and personally I cannot wait for the comparison in hardware by neutral sites when they get their hands on both machines just to see how fan boys like you an Microsoft try to spin the inferior hardware.
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itBourne  +   752d ago
I have give M$ tons of props as a business, they know how to make money. They know how to advertise, so much so that ignorant people are still buying 360's despite not having but maybe 2 good games over the past 3 years. They contribute nothing to the gamer, I will never give M$ respect for being a good platform owner, not from a gamers perspective.
karl  +   752d ago
how is that u think we need to give them props

they only achieve that much because sony screw up big time at launch

andthey had the market all for themself for a year...

no competition. the only next gen console at that moment..

360 was a piece of garbage with no hd dvd and a huge failure rate..

it was nothing but luck they lasted this long..

lets hope xboxone is a better console...
FamilyGuy  +   752d ago
Xbox 360 won in the U.S. by a large margin, so Sony literally are the "challenger" to the xboxs current lead/dominance here.

There are too many negatives in the 360s history to "give them props" for anything. The original Xbox was far more respectable as a gaming console.

With 360 they ignored the high fail rate for years,
their ad campaigns attacked and made fun of Sony,
they charged for online while having less dedicated servers in their 360 games compared to PS3 games,
they forced consumers to buy first-party peripherals,
had a wireless controller with batteries so they could charge for addition hardware,
didn't include wifi initially (even though the PSP which released first included wifi) all so they could sell additional hardware,
they released kinect and dropped their focus on core games,
they put a full stop to release on first party titles with Gears Judgement being the last of this current generation months before their new system would release,
they had a heavy focus on games that were "risk free"/guaranteed to sell rather than innovative titles,
they raised the cost of XBLG by $10 with no real reason, simple greed.

With the X1 they tried to manipulate the entire industry into a system that would hurt game retailers and strip consumers of many of their rights to resale.
They tried to release an online only console that would be useless to anyone without an internet connection.
They continued their trends of using batteries so they could sell additional hardware.
They're lazily pushing 360 games into X1 games to bolster their launch line-up
They're focusing on television rather than games yet calling it an "Xbox"
They're charging $100 more than Sony even though it's well known that their hardware is cheaper to manufacture and less powerful
They're constantly trying to downplay the competitions hardware rather than simply focusing on what makes theirs great.
They're giving out a game to Europe to gain favor in the region while having "no plans" of giving out a game in the region that supported them up to this point, completely taking their true fans for granted.

MS don't deserve any "props", their positive actions are completely eclipsed by the negative and it will be a huge hit to them this gen.

Side note: Walmart (the biggest retailer in the country) only recently started advertising and taking *in-store* pre-orders for the X1 and PS4 as of Aug 24th. The PS4s walmart pre-orders, in america, are eclipsing the X1s by a huge margin here as well.

Yosh just said they're pre-orders are in the "millions" now, as in over 2 million pre-orders worldwide minimum. I'm actually really surprised they're able to stay so humble after seeing so much anticipation for their product. THAT is worthy of respect. They aren't getting comfortable, they're still hunting down indie devs with great looking titles and going after devs that were previously PC exclusive all to get more games on their system for the enjoyment of us, the gamers.
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ravinash  +   752d ago
I would have to say that MS do deserve some props for gaining their market share this gen.
Firstly Xbox Live was one of the main selling points which really pushed Sony to improve PSN and then PSN+.
They also know how to do advertising, which is something else I notice Sony are picking up on. I notice ads for GTA5 being advertised for PS3, so Sony are learning.

As much as people might hate MS because of DRM or failure rate or advertising tactics.
They didn't win their market share out of luck, and at least Sony have seen this and started using the same methods now.

Know your enemy.
n4rc  +   752d ago
@family guy

There is so much wrong with your post I can't even begin to reapond
FamilyGuy  +   751d ago
Go ahead and tell me narc, I'd really like to know
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ZHZ90  +   752d ago
Shuhei is the man!

They know what they are doing.
mohuz2  +   752d ago
Nintendo's guys are awesome too.
meanwhile, Microsoft... XD
Xer0_SiN  +   752d ago
xbotch one
showtimefolks  +   752d ago

this is N4G where truth about PS brand hurts everyone else


no doubt sony learned so much from what they did wrong with ps3
wishingW3L  +   752d ago
opinion and truth are 2 very different things.
N4G85  +   752d ago
What we don't like is fanboys and stop bragging seriously getting old
Sarick  +   752d ago
Yea, instead of bringing the competition down or show superiority from the pre-order numbers. He says stuff like:

We're going to try to do our best not to fail.

That shows a very professional and very humbling outlook. The guy doesn't seem to be spinning the PS4 product and seems honest because of that. It exemplifies a good faith agenda that's committed to doing whats best to expand/succeed.
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Syntax-Error  +   752d ago
The CHALLENGER blew up in 1987
mediate-this  +   752d ago
Whats the truth?
schubacca  +   752d ago
Sony execs are not the best.

If they were, they would be making a healthy profit.
Blastoise  +   753d ago
Here comes a new challenger!
user7402931  +   753d ago
this dude has a strong pimp hand. thats for goddamn sure.
rainslacker  +   752d ago
All the Sony execs are doing amazing since the reveal. The contrast in how well liked Sony's execs are compared to MS execs is palpable. Sony fans really seem to love Sony execs, whereas MS execs hardly get any mention from MS fans. Sony execs are becoming gaming stars themselves, which isn't something that has really happened in the past.

One could say it's blind loyalty, but realistically, Sony execs are just saying and doing the right things. The things we want. As a consumer, I think that is a great thing.
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Hicken  +   752d ago
I must be a rainslacker fanboy, because you seem to always be saying the right things. It's extremely rare that I disagree with you. Now is not one of those times.
XboxFun  +   752d ago
Sony execs know exactly how to play their blind fanboys. You are very correct to say "blind loyalty". Of course to you all the execs would shine. But for MS this isn't the case and the games, features and the actual system is what is taking center stage.

This is what should be the most important part of gaming. Not the suits, it's the Xbox and its games that are the rock stars.
Kryptix  +   752d ago

You came into the comment section with stupidity in mind filled with ignorance.

These are the people that created the console, the ones that brought to you a great piece of technology. When someone creates art, it's not just the art that gets the attention, we ask ourselves, who is the artist? What techniques does he or she use to paint the picture? When you hear a new song and you find it great to listen to, don't you try to pursue the creator of the song because of the work put in?

You though, you wouldn't care if the idea was stolen, if the meaning depicts the real intention of causing harm. It's like you would still watch The Ring video tape even if everyone warns you that it's cursed and not to watch it.

And if it's all about games, features and the actual system, then you really are blind still.

-Games that have been ported from the Xbox 360. Still left with no exclusives to the 360 and I bet you find nothing wrong with that. So when the Xbox One loses support for exclusives in 5 or 6 years, you're ignorant self will still be happy with that. Microsoft has a history of cutting support to their consoles in the last years. Orignal Xbox loses Xbox Live support forcing you to upgrade. Xbox 360 loses exclusivity support forcing you to upgrade for a new exclusive IP. While the PS3 is still getting exclusives and Gran Turismo 6 is coming with Beyond Two Souls soon.

-Features that get 180s, added then taken out. Remember the family sharing plan? The Xbox Live Gold family package plan that got scrapped. I guess for you, features like almost everything being behind a paywall is going to be killer next gen.

-The actual system, $500 for a console less powerful than the competition but more expensive. Still believe in the dual GPU bs after the rumor has been officially thrown out the window and straight into your face? lol A forced accessory that you have to buy that isn't much better than the first Kinect in motion sensing. A console that has been overclocked in the last minute before production so expect a higher failure rate compared to the PS4.
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schubacca  +   752d ago
Sony fans love Sony Execs.....

I am thinking that MS fans love MS Execs also ;)
YNWA96  +   753d ago
"I’m not saying that the PS4 is losing at the moment, but the Xbox 360 was very strong in North America. That’s why we’re working there with the mindset “we are the challengers”. I think that when you have a strong rival, it’s good for the market as a whole. We want to do our best so that we won’t be defeated (laughs)."

Its good for the market... Why can people not be happy that we have a competitive market? Its a win win for everyone... if you do not like MS, do not buy it, but jeez, the amount of people who have whined like babies is unreal here...
user7402931  +   753d ago
lol he laughs at the end, he knows they will take na.

@the wb,

he knows already there the goddamn champs. nothing will change that.
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theWB27  +   753d ago
No he doesn't...cause unlike their fans, the Sony execs know this is going to be a long generation and they have a looooong ways before anyone is a "winner."

Talking the next ten years of gamer bliss, but on the internet preorders have already determined this whole thing. SMH...
sAVAge_bEaST  +   753d ago
My prediction of the next gen winner,. Vita TV
Sevir  +   753d ago
TheWB27... Please hush, People are excited for the PS4, and the notion from fans and fanbois alike is that the PS Brand is stronger than ever, They all know that this is a marathon.

MS had 1 year worth of market share and a positive mind set from people and a cheaper price. Hence Sony's acknowledgement of what they are up against...

Both fans know the value proposition and that this year, the Xbox brand has had some massive blunders, isn't launching with a year's head start and certainly is cheaper.
warewolfSS   753d ago | Personal attack | show
theWB27  +   753d ago
"TheWB27... Please hush,"

Uuummm...no. I mean seriously no.
Hicken  +   752d ago
Sony fans don't know that? That's why we've been talking "marathon, not a sprint" for years? That's why we're not worried about launch lineups? That's why we weren't worried about Sony only showing a handful of games at the reveal and E3?

We don't know it's gonna be a long generation. Riiight.

That's so completely wrong it doesn't even make sense.

We know Sony's biggest studios have games in the works, so we're not worried about them not being there at launch. At the same time, it's not like there's any shortage of games to play. Oh, except indies suddenly don't count, even though Xbox fanboys have been using them to bolster barren 360 lists for some time now.

We didn't expect Sony to show all their launch games at the reveal, or E3, because we know they always have at least a few surprises at pretty much every show they attend each year. Even when Yoshida says "no" when asked, we also know he's a jokester who's likely trolling us.

And yes, we know that the generation is gonna be a long one.

However, we also know that North America, in particular, was Sony territory just one generation ago, and that all the advantages Microsoft used in order to claim it aren't gonna be available this time around. We know the PlayStation name is stronger than the Xbox name when it comes to gaming, period.

Preorders didn't determine anything; they're simply an indicator further supporting what the rest of the early evidence implies: that Sony is poised to dominate this generation.

Naturally, the generation still has to play out before we know who the winner will be, but it's not hard to make an educated guess based on the available info. And IF you do so, your guess should be that the PS4 will win fairly convincingly.

Hard for you to accept, I know; facts only count for you when they're in your favor. But that doesn't make them any less factual.
rainslacker  +   752d ago
Competition is fine. I have no problem with it. Much of the hate for X1 to date though was that their initial policies had wide reaching implications on the market. Those implications were things many gamers didn't want. I know that none of them are relevant anymore, for the time being at least, but gamers in general tend to hold a grudge.
bigboirock  +   752d ago
Hicken ps4 might sell more at first but how dose that make them the winner? The only winners here are the gamers. Both systems look great. I love the multitasking the xbox one can do
Imalwaysright  +   752d ago
I don't hold a grudge against them. I just don't trust them.
christocolus  +   752d ago

I actually just had an argument with some unbiased gamer friends of mine.told them ps fanboys on the internet troll xbox articles so much esp on n4g and they wouldn't believe me. I think ill direct them to the comment section of this particular article..they can start believing from here cos the immaturity and ignorance here is enough to push way more mature gamers towards the xbox one.. I wouldnt want to play a game on xbx live with many of these guys..
nosferatuzodd   752d ago | Trolling | show
rainslacker  +   751d ago
So in another post


You say that Xbox people aren't trolling PS articles as much as PS fans are doing XBox articles, yet here you are.

You also say that reasoned intelligent discussion is productive, yet here you are offering neither.

You say that that comments that result to insults aren't productive, yet here you are generalizing insulting others.

Next time you call out hypocrisy, try to live by your own words, because you are more of a troll than most.

Your initial hypothesis may be correct, I won't go through and count the trolls, because I usually ignore them, but the rest of what your doing is exactly what your accusing others of.
nosferatuzodd   752d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
abusador  +   753d ago
Ps4 baby going to break pre order records!!!!! Sony on fire in N.A.
T2  +   752d ago
Someone recently asked how long it would take ps4 to pass wii u ... If millions of preorders , ouch, Sony may outsell them the day they can manufacture that 4th million console .... Three months ? Would be unheard of
Aggesan  +   753d ago
This is a great guy.
fsfsxii  +   753d ago
PS4 set to rule the realm of vidya geams
Majin-vegeta  +   753d ago
All of Sony executives are likeable and seem passsionate of the VG industry unlike the other company.
Magicite  +   752d ago
Thats what I thought. MS execs look like money-grabbing maniacs while Sony guys are fun and lively, contrast is huge.
AznGaara  +   753d ago
Of course they are. The 360 came out first in Japan with a ton of exclusive JRPGs and look where it's at now lol. Europe is said to favor Sony over Xbox as well, but not as much as Japan does. So yeah US is really where they need to fight for it.
Popoffboy187718  +   753d ago
I just preorder mine, I know I waited to long. Im hopin walmart will have mine on day one.
T2  +   752d ago
They might , their purchasing power is frightening ... Plus they love Sony .... Anytime u go into walmart huge Sony displays
Angels3785  +   753d ago
I actually admire how humble, yet stern in his intent he was in that interview.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   753d ago
Bring'n the pain this gen... 360camp is coming over to the Ps4 in droves,.
(real world people, like friends and family -the ones that left from Ps2)
#12 (Edited 753d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
abusador  +   753d ago
Alot also did that as soon as ps3 dropped to 300. I know many that talked crap about ps3 but really didnt buy one because it was too expensive, once it hit 300 they started friend requesting me on psn lol
izumo_lee  +   753d ago
Here we have a Sony exec talking about what's good for the industry & that competition is what drives Sony to improve on past failures. Microsoft on the other hand is trying way to hard to convince people that the XBone is a powerful system, when they should be focused on proving it with games rather than all this talk.

Last gen Sony did what Microsoft is doing at this time, boasting about their hardware instead of keeping quiet & letting the games do the talking. Sony was humbled last gen & this time around they are letting their actions do all the talking. I think Microsoft should be doing the same, enough of these PR BS.
sincitysir1  +   753d ago
Definitely. I can't agree more!! Microsoft continues trying hard to prove they are "better". Sony is like we're working hard to make sure our fans love what we offer. They learned! *tear*
Magicite  +   752d ago
Exactly, company must remember that success isnt everlasting and fanboys can change sides as fast and MS does 180's. Only best can win!
Ritsujun  +   752d ago
Pitiful Xbosh, indeed.
WeAreLegion  +   753d ago
If you want to get the large chunk of Xbox gamers in the US, you'll need to go after bros. Get exclusive UFC matches, deals with the NFL/college basketball, and release more dudebro games.
fsfsxii  +   753d ago
I don't wanna see Sony going "Mountain dew and douritos" route. No generic games
WeAreLegion  +   753d ago
Me, either. If you want to make the maximum amount of money in a business though, you need to sell out.

Let's just hope they don't do that.
Magicite  +   752d ago
Urgh thats why I hate xbox, its like most generic console for most generic games.
T2  +   752d ago
I think xbox may have that sealed up with their ufc app and cod content plus nfl .... But Sony with simply a lower price and word of mouth will do just fine
In real life im a ufc , nfl guy but I just prefer Sony equipment ... And hate xboxlive
sandman224  +   753d ago
I'm hoping the dualshock 4 is a big step up from dualshock 3 controller. If so I'm all for the ps4.
Pillsbury1  +   753d ago
From everyone that I have heard that has held it, it feels amazing.
MRMagoo123  +   752d ago
when i tried it out i have to say i wasnt expecting to be so impressed but they have gone all out of the feel of the controller, the only way i can put it is its very familiar although at the same time completely new and fresh. It feels like quality.
T2  +   752d ago
I really want to know why people didnt like ,ds3 ... The 360 controller was heavy, thick , and clunky to me but I liked the triggers ....
Please dont tell me you are one of those people who play with joints of thumbs and mash them together
moparful99  +   752d ago
I loved the DS3 controller.. Using the L1/L2 combo for shooters just feels so natural to me.. Also like Joe pointed out the 360 controller was large and heavy and because of the amount of contact my hands had with the controller I had a problem with sweaty palms.. Glad Sony didn't butcher the DualShock design..
boneso82  +   753d ago
Shu! Shu! Shu! Shu! Shu!

How can you not love this guy?
brew  +   753d ago
To be the man , you gotta beat the man. Woo!
IamGeralt  +   753d ago
this guy has a great sense of honor.i already preorder it frm amazon USA.i think PS4 will dominate in N.A
Even numbers r pretty gud for sony.2 and 4 then 6
redcar121  +   753d ago
Sony is going to upset a lot of their fans saying this
ZHZ90  +   752d ago
You can't talk any thing that is bad about MS.
MRMagoo123  +   752d ago
Sony fans wont be upset about this at all, sony fans know that NA is xbox 360 land , but we also know that at the moment it looks like sony will have a minimum 50% of the NA market, if sony do the same thing as this gen in europe and get 50% of NA they will have more sales by a landslide. He is being respectful of MS in NA because of the fact they(MS) had NA under wraps.
Pillsbury1  +   753d ago
Sony is going to dominate with ps4, vita TV and indie support.
Clarence  +   752d ago
No doubt the PS4 will dominate NA. M$ will have a uphill battle.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   752d ago
Lol they know they have this in the bag, they have seen the pre order.
sephx22  +   752d ago
Just how big are the ps4 pre-order sales and how does it compare to the Wii u launch sales?
thelaughingwiseman  +   752d ago
Sony is the challenger. Xbox is an american company. Americans are very patriotic for the most random things. They support a lot of american things. Sony is more of a global brand. It does have a great fallowing. It could do bundles with it's TV services though. Like buying a 3D TV with PS4 included: stuff like that
GraveLord  +   752d ago
No, we're not.

Most of us don't give a fuck where something is made. Most of us don't even recognize the Sony or Microsoft names. All we know see is "playstation" and "Xbox". More of our friends have "Xbox" so that's why that ended up more popular. It really is as simple as that. Nothing to do with patriotism.
thelaughingwiseman  +   752d ago
When you say "We" you mean gamers and people who are into gaming. Other people (meaning the majority who don't care much about games) see Microsoft (An American Brand) and in extension Bill Gates; They don't see "Xbox."
xKugo  +   752d ago
Yea, I think in all honesty people need to realize that more than ever, the U.S is going to be the deciding factor of who "wins" the generation. Sony is trying to do almost the impossible: separate an American company from it's fanbase that largely GREW UP on Xbox. That in itself is an extremely hard task; forget about the UK and Japan because those two markets have always loved the PS brand more than the Xbox counterpart, but the U.S is an entirely different monster.

I suggest people watch this video to really understand how Microsoft much of a factor still is despite the tribulation they've gone through this summer.

Related video
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strickers  +   752d ago
No, the US will not decide who wins. The 360 clearly won the US by a margin, yet PS3 caught it in sales despite launching 12/16 months later. You do the maths.
moparful99  +   752d ago
Just like in an election the US is a key territory but it isn't a make or break territory.. Just like states here in the US that always go Democratic or Republican Sony knows it has territories that it will win without much effort..

So they focus on the Key territories that the competition usually wins.. Look at how hard Microsoft fought for Japan last gen despite being such a small territory.

Now look at their efforts to take Europe. They know that they will do well in NA whether they try or not. SO they funnel all of their assets into Eu to sway buyers. Hence the Fifa/Forza free game promotion..
LordMaim  +   752d ago
I'm not sure when you "grew up", but some of us were around for the PS/PS2, let alone the generations before that. The success of the Xbox 360 is a relatively new phenomenon. The PS2 beat the crap out of the Xbox at home and abroad, and is still the best selling console of all time. The PS3 might have done the same had it not been for the architecture and price point. History shows us that people go where the better value is. A better console at a lower price point will overcome any "product patriotism" at the register.
xKugo  +   750d ago
The U.S accounts for more than 80% of gamers in the world(not including PC gamers). There is a reason besides content availability that Sony, A JAPANESE COMPANY, is launching in North America first. It's to regain the market they lost to the Xbox in the previous generation. Everybody knows that the U.S is the place for games because Americans spend more on luxury items such as game consoles and accessories than the UK and Asian market combined. The mere fact that you people refuted it so vehemently just goes to show that even YOU realize it. If you don't compete with your competition in the U.S then you aren't going to be competing at all. That's just a fact. Look, I'm as big of a PlayStation fan as it gets, but I have mad respect for what Microsoft and Xbox have accomplished so far in terms of gaining market share previously dominated by Sony. I may not like the games they produce or the console itself, but I respect it nonetheless. Having said that, I recognize their brilliance in knowing the advantages of superior market share and being first to the mass public. With Xbox 360, Microsoft CLEARLY fucked up their production line and ignored terrible yielding because they wanted to be out before Sony could come out with their next generation console. And to be quite frank, it worked. They had the inferior technology, the inferior games, and inferior first party developers but NONE OF THAT MATTERED. With a superior marketing campaign(strategy), superior online experience and being out first, they managed to take over 61% of Sony's market share in the U.S and 42% in the UK. THAT IS A FACT. They may gain some of that back with the PS4( it sure looks that way) but that doesn't change the fact they lost it for this generation, hence you now have Xbox fanboys instead of everyone being either a Nintendo fanboy or Sony fanboy back in the PS1-PS2 era.
LordMaim  +   743d ago
None of what your saying has anything to do with brand loyalty. It was a combination of Xbox 360's year head start, Sony's price point, and the difficulty of programming for the Cell processor that hamstrung the system. The PS3 is still outselling the Xbox 360 worldwide, and if you looked at where the 360 was in console sales a year ago, in North America you'd see that at the same point in its life cycle they would not be selling as well as the PS3 is now. No one gives a damn about what company makes the systems. Hell, both of them are manufactured in China. All they care about is a better console at a lower price point. Sony has learned from their missteps with the PS3, and have gone back to the customer and developer to ask them where did we go wrong, and how can we do better. As a result they've crafted a ridiculously powerful console that is easy to program for, and introduced features that will change the way games are being shared and experienced. Sony's going to demolish the Xbox One at retail, and none of which has anything to do with console nationality.
#25.3.2 (Edited 743d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Belking  +   752d ago
Doesn't matter what they feel. The US is more xbox territory now. It's gonna take more than just being cheaper to win back all that market share.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   752d ago
Yeah...except that's all it took for Xbox to close the gap after PS2 dominated even when you had to spend more online. A man judges by preorders which by all indications are in PS4's favor
strickers  +   752d ago
US is also the price sensitive market.
moparful99  +   752d ago
Wrong Belking the key in the states is building a userbase quicker than the competition. Being cheaper is the key to building a larger userbase quickly. Thats the short term answer. Long term is the games. Period. Hence why Sony mounted an epic comeback this last gen.
JunioRS101  +   752d ago
Shu da man!
Keregan  +   752d ago
Well, it's obvious that this gen Sony was the biggest looser of the 3 big gaming names. Nintendo sold the most consoles overall and the most software as well. While Sony lost half of their market share to MS and even if they were able to sell a bit more consoles in the last year MS still totally dominated them in the total software sales department. Not to mention than Sony initially lost a lot of money on each Ps3 sale. No wonders they want to play it safe this gen with the PS4 but i'm not sure if it is not already to late.
strickers  +   752d ago
Why did you bother to type that nonsense?
gamer2013  +   752d ago
Truth hurts fanboys feelings
Keregan  +   752d ago
Sorry, i didn't specify that i was addressing the part where Mr.Yoshida speak about taking the competition seriously. That's why i type that nonsense like you said :P
Silly gameAr  +   752d ago
Sounds more like you type nonsense like that to make yourself feel better. Guess you have to do what you have to do. :/ For them to be the biggest "losers" this gen, it sure feels like they did more for gamers then the ones who supposedly won.
#28.2 (Edited 752d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GraveLord  +   752d ago
Very interesting. So they say they have about equal PS4 pre-orders in EU and US but considering the size of the US market, PS4 pre-orders aren't as good as they could be.

You gotta love the raw honesty here. Here's hoping they do everything in their power to dominate the Xbox One.
stuff  +   752d ago
Where does it say that US and EU pre-orders are equal?
JessiePinkmanYo  +   752d ago
Much more respectable, professional and realistic than his American counterpart and rival-Major (Dickhead) Nelson.
Arcanine  +   752d ago
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