Hulk to appear in Iron Man game?

TVGB: "..more exciting is the inclusion of the Hulkbuster armor. Designed for exactly what its name makes it sound like, it was designed to stop the rampaging Hulk. Could this be hinting that the Hulk will make a guest appearance in the game?"

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CNIVEK3897d ago

...since Iron Man is to appear in the Hulk game. Crossovers are cool. :)

Grown Folks Talk3897d ago

as well. All to set up a live action Avengers movie with Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, & who knows who else.

Surfman3897d ago

i heard Doctor Doogie will appear too, he's my favorite hero.

LevDog3897d ago

Finally an Iron Man Movie and game worthy of Iron Man (hopefully it doesnt disappoint).. Now if they Will make a Xmen Cable movie or game.. I love how Hollywood finally realized that Comic movies not only are there unlimited stories to tell but they will also sell tickets.. Comic movies if made rite can be blockbusters without being crappy...Even tho there are some crap comic movies.. but gettin good actors and a good director you can make a good comic movie.. Iron Man soo far looks great.. The preview alone was more fun then both Fantastic four movies and hulk and daredevil movies combined..

Chriswsm3897d ago

Perhaps he is referring to Doc Samson who was in the previous hulk game. Speaking of hulk games the crossover seems to be matched as I noticed Hulkbuster Armor in screenshots for the new Hulk game (although perhaps Stark wont be wearing it).