Rumor, Rock Band Europe To See Price Retraction Tomorrow?

Kotaku writes, File it under mega rumor, but Akihabara Blue is claiming that the Spanish media is very much in the know (but under embargo) that EA will be reducing Rock Band Europe's projected price to 169 € (down from 240 €)-a metric that would offer a 1:1ish dollar to euro conversion to ease the purchase a bit.

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Silellak3899d ago

If true, that makes me wonder if the original price was just a "feeler" to see how it would go over.

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niall773899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

with a game like rockband they will be making so much money with DLC anyway I guess they could take a hit on the price.

but E260 is as to much, in europe you can buy a xbox360 with HDD for that

SuperSaiyan43899d ago

When I went to I saw what appeared to be the COMPLETE Rock Band offering for a special price of £100 instead of £130...Then scroll down says 'Does NOT include Rock Band the game' LMFAO!!! You need to pay another £40 just for the blasted game!!

resistance1003899d ago

True or not, i'm no longer picking up the game.