Splinter Cell: Blacklist Wii U Patch is now live

Wii U owners rejoice, a patch for the definitive console version of Splinter Cell Blacklist has arrived and is now live on Wii U.

To find out what this patch will actually do check out the detailed breakdown below:

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Software_Lover1648d ago

Sometimes people are so extra in their opening paragraphs that its funny.

bequietdrive1648d ago

What does 'so extra' actually mean?

Software_Lover1648d ago

Trying too hard
Doing too much
Etc etc

You see it in all types of blogs and stuff

I'm was laughing at "the definitive console version" part. Not saying it is/isnt true, I just didn't expect to see it

5h4h4b1648d ago

I am happy for wii u owners ^__^

Gemmol1648d ago

downloading this now.......this my favorite game of the year

N4g_null1647d ago

Yeah I may download this one!

Phil321648d ago

What makes the Wii U version definitive? Not trying to start anything, honest!

bequietdrive1648d ago

Lots of great gamepad exclusive features,No screen tearing, higher resolution etc :)

Phil321648d ago

Ah, very cool. Thanks for the response.

AWBrawler1648d ago

Lack of screen tearing and the gamepad features.

N4g_null1647d ago

Im really liking the gadget controls. Its almost a fps built for the wiiu plus ive always like splintrr cell.

Abdou0231648d ago

I was hoping for some online issues fix.

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