Beyond: Two Souls hands-on PS3 preview – a mix of Heavy Rain’s high & every other game’s lows OPM

OPM: I make no secret of the fact that Heavy Rain is my favourite game on PS3. And as you’d imagine, that leads to fairly frequent confrontations with David Cage-baiting naysayers who refuse to believe anyone could enjoy a twelve-hour button prompt sequence more than Red Dead Redemption.

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tigertron1681d ago

Press X to Jason!

Loved Heavy Rain and after watching the latest Beyond video I'm really hyped for it.

GarrusVakarian1681d ago

Me too.

Haha,"JASON!....jason?.. ....JASON!"

abusador1681d ago

Heavy rain was a great experience for me and i loveddddd the gameplay. My grl use to ask me to play the game just so she could find out what was going to happen next because it was better than her fav. soap opera lol.

I cant wait for Beyond!

WeAreLegion1681d ago

My girlfriend at the time bought a PS3 with Heavy Rain after she saw me playing it. She also got LittleBigPlanet. Women LOVE LittleBigPlanet.

I hate her now, but at least someone else experienced it.

abusador1681d ago

My grl has turned into a gamer nerd after me. She plays Uncharted mp, COD, Max Payne and so forth with mic and is actually good!!!!! Shes actually not into lbp and more into fps lol but my son plays lbp for hours and just loves it!!!!!

WeAreLegion1681d ago

God bless her.

My current girlfriend doesn't game. -_- I still love her though, despite her mistakes.

hollabox1681d ago

Graphically hotdamn it looks nice! Probably along with GTA 5 will be the best looking games this current generation (Wii U included). Gameplay wise I'm just not that excited about it, plus its too close to the PS4 release and I still got God of War Ascension, Hitman, Tomb Raider to beat.