Virgin Attacks Content Providers and Net Neutrality

Virgin Media don't like customers, or at least customers with diverse interests, or at the very least customers that don't surf exclusively on Virgin's websites. Well, it would seem like that anyway, as in Neil Berkett's latest statement, he warned that public service broadcasters who choose not to pay Virgin for faster access to Virgin's subscriber base would end up in "bus lanes", effectively having their content delivered to consumers at a lower speed.

This is of course mostly bad news for the subscribers themselves, as many large content providers, like YouTube, Facebook, World of Warcraft or other popular online resources probably won't pay this mob-like "speed insurance". In the end, only the users will suffer. Seeing as it is general "Internet access" to content that Berkett is talking about, there is nothing that makes users of X-Box or any other online console service safe.

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Silellak3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I was just talking to a friend about this Net Neutrality crap, because McCain is against government regulation of it.

Any canidate who opposes government regulation of Net Neutrality will never, ever get my vote. In general, I tend to want LESS government regulation, but in this case, if the government DOESN'T step in, then my rights as an internet user will be trampled.

I'll never understand why people think free, unregulated capitalism is a good thing. Corporations have proven time and time again they will gladly screw the customer AND tell them to like it if it means a higher profit margin for them.

Leord3895d ago

After my teens as a "communist" (yes, I was kind of deluded), I have come to the conclusion that capitalism is one of the best ways to make the world go round. Still, that would mainly work with unlimited service providers, unlimited resources and unlimited consumers. As there are no such thing as unlimited, the companies need reins as well.

This Virgin outburst is just a symptom of the sickness of the ISP business. Even throttling data is a gross violation of my perceived consumer rights >.<

Meaning: It SHOULD be considered a gross violation...

Scarfy3895d ago

Virgin Media are a CRAP ISP anyway.

Like a lot of their customers (victims) my connection randomly drops out, and is slow as hell on other days. Some days I can't even sign in to PSN, never mind download from the store or play online.

Seriously, if any one is thinking about selecting VM for their broadband needs, don't bother. My line can handle 8Mb, but sometimes I'm reduced to less than 0.5Mb for downloads.

(Disclaimer: Having said that, I hear their *cable* service is fantastic)


alcaponedya3895d ago

Why I outta....
Don't with terrorism!

Superiorrior3895d ago

Don't you love when people try to regulate the internet like they can monopolize on it? It just ends up pissing EVERYONE off.

IntelligentAj3895d ago

While i'm sure all users can understand Net Neutrality and the importance of it, politicians need their campaign funds to come from somewhere and those large companies donate. That's the only reason why Net Neutrality has been challenged. The ISP's want more money for the service they're providing and with no intervention they might actually get it.

Silellak3895d ago

Colgate is no match for the mighty power of British Teeth.

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