Amazon Germany lists GTA V for PS4

onPause writes:

Amazon Germany has listed Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4 system as an official, yet unavailable, listing. Check out the listing here. Of course this has to be classified as a non-confirmed rumor of weather the game will actually come to the next-gen system.


[Update] The listing has since been removed. This could mean this was an unintentional leak or simply not real and a mistake on the retailers part.

Website Post was updated.

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nrvalleytime1747d ago

What's interesting about this is the name and picture differences. A user on NeoGaf noticed that the picture of the dog is slightly smaller here, and the original page listing links to RockStarGames instead of Rockstar Games.

I'm hoping for it to be true, but, until Rockstar confirms it, I'll let this dream run free along with my hopes for a PC version.

Maddens Raiders1747d ago

Please oh please let this be true.

Spinal1747d ago

Look after this game has launched. It will be announced for PC an next gen platforms months later bookmark this comment.

GTA 5 will come to the other platforms later on. Rockstar know good business an won't risk launch day sales by announcing it now. That would be stupid.

3-4-51747d ago

Isn't this the 2nd time some place from Germany has listed this ?

Fasttrack761747d ago

Of course they will, I bet my ps3 and copy of gta 5 on it

rantcasey1747d ago

They may just be using this image as a place holder, but notice the left side, how the black does not fit the contour of the box.

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The story is too old to be commented.