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Amazon Germany lists GTA V for PS4

onPause writes:

Amazon Germany has listed Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4 system as an official, yet unavailable, listing. Check out the listing here. Of course this has to be classified as a non-confirmed rumor of weather the game will actually come to the next-gen system. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS4)

Update [Update] The listing has since been removed. This could mean this was an unintentional leak or simply not real and a mistake on the retailers part.

Website Post was updated.

Hard to tell
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nrvalleytime  +   408d ago
What's interesting about this is the name and picture differences. A user on NeoGaf noticed that the picture of the dog is slightly smaller here, and the original page listing links to RockStarGames instead of Rockstar Games.

I'm hoping for it to be true, but, until Rockstar confirms it, I'll let this dream run free along with my hopes for a PC version.
Maddens Raiders  +   408d ago
Please oh please let this be true.
Spinal  +   408d ago
Look after this game has launched. It will be announced for PC an next gen platforms months later bookmark this comment.

GTA 5 will come to the other platforms later on. Rockstar know good business an won't risk launch day sales by announcing it now. That would be stupid.
3-4-5  +   408d ago
Isn't this the 2nd time some place from Germany has listed this ?
Slysi  +   408d ago
Of course they will, I bet my ps3 and copy of gta 5 on it
Speed-Racer  +   408d ago
Oh God Yes
rantcasey  +   408d ago
They may just be using this image as a place holder, but notice the left side, how the black does not fit the contour of the box.
chrissx  +   408d ago
I hope its true
IH8YH  +   408d ago
the picture is a bad photoshop, the listing links to (as mentioned above) to "rockstargames" which only has XBONE and PS4 version listed, instead of "Rockstar Games" which has every game Rockstar has available through retail.
I'm pretty sure the manufacturer account and game listing was simply made to cause discussion and start rumours.
Its also already pulled from searches and can only be found with the direct link.

IH8YH  +   408d ago
One of the labels on the picture even says "Storage media requiered" (like an external one) and i HIGHLY doubt that this would be necessary on NEXT-GEN if its not necessary on Current-Gen even.
Cam977  +   408d ago
"non-confirmed rumor of weather the game"
Face sledgehammer. A facepalm does not do this justice, speak of crappy websites publishing BS nowadays. This is proof of that!
Philoctetes  +   408d ago
This is fake, but obviously GTA 5 will eventually hit next-gen consoles. The only issue is when.
63R01d  +   408d ago
Thats fake, look at the corners of the gta label image, someone pasted it on there. You can see double edges. Not only to mention that but even R* said its on release only for ps3 and 360....
BattleTorn  +   408d ago
Amazon Germany - you cra zay.

(Don't they do this often???)
chito1016d  +   408d ago
I don't mind buying another one for my ps4 as long as they add a few extras to take advantage of the newer hardware.
THC CELL  +   408d ago
It's mock up, the ps4 box will be different to ps3 version
crazyclown  +   408d ago
My theory:

One PS4 is released, a free downloadable version of GTA will be available to all those who purchased and activated GTA on there accounts.
Angerfist  +   408d ago
Sounds great but I don't know, is there any activation key? If its only for the digital Copies, yes, possible but then I don't think they give it away for free, they will put some manhours in the ports as well.
crazyclown  +   407d ago
Thats true but then again GTA Online download for 29.99 exclusive to sony for PS4 would be epic with 64 players just thinking out of my arse lol but i wouldnt be shocked

yo remember agent where the heck did that go...ps4?
Angerfist  +   407d ago
I asked myself also where Agent went :), but maybe its still in development, just for next Gen.
I doubt PS3 and 360 will be abandoned so fast this time, since both have online platforms and also get everything big as well.
Popoffboy187718  +   408d ago
Its almost like people that comment on this blog are all kidz? Are americans really this dumb? What happen to( gta san) gta 5 wont be on next gen maybe pc tho...plus I want and gettin ps4 ,but fake sony boyz all boat jumpers, stop sayin playstAtion fans want titanfall(please) stop. I swear only game I want that microsoft has is( gow).....microsoft dont do games no matter how u look at it
KontryBoy706  +   408d ago
ding ding ding
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KontryBoy706  +   408d ago
If anyone didn't expect this you are blind. It WILL be on PC too as well. Petition or no petition.
mcroddi  +   408d ago
The Petition is absolutely hilarious... why? People have too much time on their hands...
RE_L_MAYER  +   408d ago
Yeah like we are going to go cancel our game for ps3/360.....5 days left
lifesanrpg  +   408d ago
How did this get approved? It's clearly photoshop.
PerkAHolic  +   408d ago
my mind's screaming out "photoshop", but my body's saying "just believe it."
Yo Mama  +   408d ago
Of course it's photoshopped. But that doesn't mean it's not coming to next-gen consoles. It's fairly standard practice to photoshop an image to use instead of using a generic place holder image.
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