Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer Remade with GTA IV

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's 'YeardlyDiamond1' has recreated the official trailer of Grand Theft Auto V with GTA IV, featuring Niko, Johnny and Luis in action before everyone finally moves on to Los Santos."

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Karpetburnz1321d ago

very good, it really shows how much the graphics have improved for GTA V aswell.

badboy7761321d ago

Wheres the PlayStation Bundle at the end???

Freddy_Millz11321d ago

oww, now i want Johnny in place of Trevor in five now.

Demoa1321d ago

johnny and trevor don't get along...

Audiggity1321d ago

Impressive... I would cut off my left pinky finger to have free time like that.

Orionsangel1321d ago

Wow, the graphics look so dated. This makes me appreciate GTAV even more.

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