Tiny Brains (PS4) Hands-on Preview – Indie Developers Sure Love to Make Great Games | C.O.G.

Allycat_ checks out Canadian based indie developer Spearhead Games and their PS4 launch title 'Tiny Brains' that had her grinning ear to ear.

"Now that the PS4 is almost here, the floodgates have opened to unleash a torrent of impressive launch day titles in an attempt to lure gamers away from the competition. There are some major players leading the pack, including the new Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and Battlefield additions, but Sony has also promised since day one that they’re throwing major support behind indie developers and it looks like they’re going to deliver."

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GirlOnFire1716d ago

I'm glad even the little things on PS4 is shown in the spotlight. ^~^