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Submitted by Digital_Anomaly 879d ago | review

NHL 14 (Xbox 360) Review – How Does EA Manage to Continue to Improve this Series? | C.O.G.

COG's ALUCARDBLACK hits the ice with the newest version of EA’s virtual hockey game and walks away damn satisfied.

"I’ve been playing the NHL series since its inception back in the early 90’s. The systems back then are what are known as retro gaming consoles today, so I’m kinda feeling old. The Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo had very simple and easy pick up and play versions of NHL hockey, especially when compared to the current crop of NHL games today. As simple and fun as they were, hockey gamers wanted realistic games that would match on ice gameplay. EA Sports has done a fantastic job of the long running series; with a few hiccups and a couple of hits and misses we arrive at NHL 14, the newest game in the yearly franchise." (NHL 14, PS3, Xbox 360) 92/100

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