DualShock 3 Oz date has no bearing on Euro launch, says SCEE

SCEE has just told videogaming247 that the Australian date and price for DualShock 3 has no bearing on the European launch for the controller, which remains unannounced.

"The date in the Australian press release refers to the Australian market only," said a rep. "Whilst DS3 will come to all SCEE territories at some point, at the moment we are not in a position to announce exactly when."

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niall773843d ago

. i dont have a credit card so i cant import one

Blackcanary3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I need this for GTA4 and for MGS4. and hopefully it will have custom sound tracking like star dust HD causee i love being to listen to my music in the game as i'm playing.
Sony better fixs up or should i say SCEE and stop useing europe to try and sale the left overs of the Sixaxess.

level 3603842d ago

That's way too much - *AU$99.95 bucks for tha Aussie version... I'm from Sydney got my DualShock3 a very long time ago now from Japan and it only cost me *AU$60.00 shipping and handling included.

level 3603842d ago

Specifically the DualShock3 is Japanese Yen - 4,950.00 = Australian Dollar - 52.00.